New shooter. 3 Canadian officers in moncton dead by rambo lookalike


So this is happening right now. Sigh

  1. isn’t shirtless
  2. no muscles
  3. looks more like Ricky went crazy on mr. Lehey


maybe dvs can start goin by moncton velvet smooth, sounds like its gettin pretty real around there!


White people making it so easy to take dey womanz. oh my guuuuuuud


All jokes aside, you know what is crazy. If the dude who was close enough to take that picture (likely a zoom in from his house) had a firearm in the house, he could have just killed that guy and ended this whole thing. Thats not an argument to be sided with crazy gun advocates, but just that in this case, armed citizens would have ended this quite quickly it seems.


lol, do you see that shit? They don’t even have sidewalks in canada, lol.


LOL, there is a sidewalk on the left side. Crazy thing is, one car is coming in, one leaving, and one ready to turn, all most likely not knowing there is a gun wielding maniac like 30 yards away from them.



“He’s always seemed to have a problem with authority,”

this for some reason pisses me off.


Reading that link, dude sounds like he gave the red flags, but in all honesty, not too sure what those people couldve done. Thats the scary part, when you think your friend who is just a little weird,but nothing he/she cant probably shake off, turns into a murderous psychopath one day.


This just in: canada now has access to Rambo movies.

Lol Moncton probably only has three cops


ill never understand people who say “oh I would never think he would do this and do that, oh he threatened to shoot up the place up but no one took it seriously”

dumb asses, lock these looney toon fucks up… the first time… you dont make a threat like that and expect that to slide

since I work in a large building someone made that threat before but he got locked up instantly, police snatched his ass right up out of his seat when he was working

and of course because he is young video games will be the source to blame as usual, more likely COD


Seems like the manhunt is still going on. Is this a heavily wooded area or something. How has this dude not been caught, when he is just walking around with fucking guns. lol. Pretty scary that some psychopath is just walking around plotting his next victims.


Not Rambo.
Not news, then.


damn he took on the entire police force on his own he really was rambo!


Crown Royal: Canadian Whiskey

is 40% Alcohol by Volume?!


well there are a few facts that make this make perfect sense.

  1. Hes rambo, rambo dont get caught!

  2. We determined that there is no more cops left hence only civilians are left to catch him. And they are obviously too busy taking pictures of the guy to try to catch him.

Joking aside, it really is strange that the guy is still on the run. Also how did they lose him. Unless the three guys he took out were the only squad car at the scene and he got away before backup could arrive its weird that he got away so easy and now they cant find the dude. Hopefully they can end him with out anyone else getting hurt or killed.


He must’ve seen a bunch of fat chicks licking chicken grease and peanut butter off Soviet.

Poor guy snapped from the jealousy.


Fuck you and your crass, facile comments. That’s my hometown.


Unless this guy manages to catch cops in traps he sets up in a wooded area, then he’s nowhere near Rambo.