New show for noobs and scrubs

Hello fellow noobs and scrubs, me and my friend have put together a show for the 99%! You wont see perfect execution, good strategy, or complicated combos. Just 2 average guys with average skill trying to figure Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 out!

We would appreciate any tips you guys have for us and for those of you that are struggling with the same things we are we hope we can figure this out together.


Just commented on your YouTube video! With some Captain America tips!

Thanks man! we’re going to shoot episode 2 tomorrow and any last minute tip would be awesome!

Episode 2 is up guys!


Need one of these for ssf4 =D

Haha , I can be a dummy for you guys if you want. Wouldnt mind being in some youtube vids.

Episode 3 will be out in a day or two guys!

Still looking for tips!

To Hanma: we got u man haha!

To K_for_kimura: send me a friend request!

Heres Episode 3 guys! We got side tracked from UMVC3 but I’ll leave it here anyway haha!


Episode 4 guys! Back to the UMVC3 grind!


Episode 5!

Episode 6!

Episode 7!