New Show: K-Style! Looking for fighting gamers to be interviewed!

Ok guys, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around on the board as much (although I still keep in contact with most I talk to from here). However, the reason is that I’ve been working on few few online projects.

The first is K-Style Productions. It's going to be a graphic arts site focusing mostly on Tekken/fighting game related imagery. We will have things for both free, and purchase, including custom art services. This is good especially for those wanting to customize their joysticks as well.

The next, is Kuma Style: The Show. Right now I don't know what I'm going to do in terms of how often I'm going to be doing episodes, so for the time being, it's going to be "comes as material comes up". But, right now I've got so many ideas and things I want to do, that it'll be hard not making one every day. Here's the intro video:


Episode One just went up last night:


It's going to feature some of everything from interviews with gamers from some of everywhere to tournament videos, to game reviews, and even hobby things like toy and product unboxings.

That's what brings me here. I want a lot of the fighting game community represented, so, I'd like to interview people from different parts of the US and the world just to talk about things like their "scenes" and how they grew up and got into gaming.

Anyone who'd like to be interviewed, just ask! And, if you have match videos of yours recorded, all the better. Reason being is that, it wil be a "radio style" interview on youtube, and, it'd be extra cool if I could have match videos of yours playing (muted of course) during the interview!

Awesome things are'a comin', and I appreciate any help that you guys can give in advance.

ATM it doesn’t look more than some random youtube vblog. If you want the viewers to take you seriously you need to put up a serious product.

  1. You need more people to help with this.
  2. You need someone who actually understands a thing or two about editing. (not just doing it with the programs but really understands how it’s supposed to look when you want it to look good)
  3. You need a real video camera.
  4. You need a capture card.
  5. You need a shorter intro and not having it made of offscreen recordings of online matches.
    Look at [media=youtube]L3DT6-oOZro"[/media] for example. It still reeks of “dorkness” and “homemade” but it’s a good place to start.

Cut your intro to basically nil…it get annoying after 30 seconds.

I think you should attend MWC…and try and get some quick interviews with players there.

I actually agree with all of these points, however, I’m not looking for “pro”… because that’s really not what it’s about… it’s more of a quick Vlog thing, with interviews and the like sprinkled in.

With the Into, I’m going to do what the above poster said. I redid that intro, here:


Lot more clean and whatnot. However, I’m jsut going to use that for the main video of the page, and, make a way shorter one for the actual videos.

And yea Geese, I’m going to MWC and plan on getting as many interviews as possible.