New Show. Need Help!

Hello SRK, me and my friend have put together a show. You wont see perfect execution, good strategy, or complicated combos. Just 2 average guys with average skill trying to figure Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 out. Were gonna track our progress and see how much better we can get with the Fighting Game Community helping us out! With that said please please please if have any tips please let us know. where gonna shoot episode 2 in a few days and we need to show at least a tiny bit of improvement hahaha!

Thanks guys!


I’m also new to this game, but i’ll try and give you some advice based on what i’ve been learning.
Most importantly from watching the matches, you need to figure out what is safe or punishable and when to block and advance guard. If your opponent is blocking your string, aim to finish with something safe, or use an assist to keep it safe. learning to block sounds simple, yet is the most important thing imo. A lot of games i’ve won online I didn’t even have to apply the mixups I practice, because I out block my opponent and find spots to punish them.

When playing ghost rider and hitting with j.s i think its actually better to follow up with Sforward.H to get the wall bounce and find a combo off of that, aerial combos with ghost rider arent practical if you are launching them from near full screen.

The thing I’m training on right now is throws. Air throws are so strong in this game and throw mix-ups are some of the easier mix-ups to setup.
I’ve been playing this game for 3 months now, and Its good to see newer players like myself trying to step their game up. Good Luck!

Thanks Shizz! I have a problem blocking low, im working on it though. Thanks for the Ghost Rider tips too, we’ll see what we can do. We’re going to shoot episode 2 tomorrow and any more last minute tips would be awesome!

Episode 2!


Heres Episode 3 guys! We got side tracked from UMVC3 but I’ll leave it here anyway haha!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that I like this idea of opening yourselves up for critique. It’s a great way to get better and who better to ask for help than the folks here at the forums who have a vast wealth of knowledge to learn from.

Now I’m no pro at this game, so you can take my comments with a grain of salt, but I have been a long time lurker here as well as an mvc enthusiast for quite some time and I think I may have some useful things to contribute as you guys continue your quest to get better. I know it’s a long post so I bolded what I felt were the main points to make getting through it easier.

First I’d like to give you guys some more general tips and critiques. One of the things I would consider is understanding what your game-plan is and how to successfully implement it. I bring this up because one of the main flaws I see in both of your play is that there is no coordination in your approach to beating your opponent (except for abusing the armor on Hulk’s H). Now, in your videos, you guys made a few comments and asked a few questions about your characters. Basically, you want to know if you should keep your characters or switch to other characters if I’m not mistaken. Some people would just advise you to play the characters you like, as you have been doing, and I generally agree with that. One thing I would consider, though, is are my characters helping me max out the efficiency and effectiveness of my game-plan? For example, if the style of play you are comfortable with is relentless rush down, then obviously you wouldn’t want to start off with someone like Arthur. However, this is not to say that you would then just pick 3 characters that have the ability to rush down and expect to do well. This is a team game and synergy is very important. This is to say that some things you should also consider in building a team are how each of your assists benefit the other members, what DHC’s are available to tag on extra damage, what DHC’s are available to safely tag out/tag in a character, and things of that nature. Right now, I think you guys play the game too much as having three separate characters, but I think once you start figuring out ways that your characters can help each other (things like help in covering your approach, controlling space for zoning, combo extension, unblockables, set ups for mix ups, etc.) your results will improve.

Another general thing I think you guys can work on is identifying what your opponents game-plan is and adjusting accordingly. Basically, figure out what your opponent is trying to do and figure out ways that your team can beat it. This starts even before the match actually starts. Once you see what characters your opponents have chosen, try to figure out what they are going to try to do and formulate a strategy around that. For example, if you are fighting a zoning team, you have to figure out ways to safely get in or maybe how to out zone them. And then when the match actually starts, you have to pay attention to how your opponent is executing their game-plan. What patterns are they using? What moves do they like to use to start their offense? What mixups are they using? etc. Then figure out holes and ways to punish, break their rhythm, or defend against it.

Now on to more specific tips. I think one of the most important things you guys need to work on is your defense. From watching your vids, I feel like you guys get hit by a lot of random stuff too often. Some of this can be attributed to online lag or the first two things I posted, but some of it is just knowing when to block and stay safe. It looks like you guys just try to move towards your opponents and attack, but that’s not the only way to cause damage. I think it would benefit you guys to try and learn what moves are punishable and what moves are not. This will help in both making your own offense safer as well as making your opponents pay for throwing out unsafe moves. Another thing I would consider is the use of assists to make your approaches safer. By this I mean something like using Ammy’s cold star assist to keep your opponent in block stun so that your point character can safely move forward for example. Also, another key thing in defense is learning how to avoid situations altogether. Sometimes its better to get out of a situation than trying to deal with it. Most of these things you learn by experience and experimenting, but I’m sure you can find a lot of answers by looking at the guide or these forums.

I also do have some more specific critiques on your offense. First thing is try to maximize your offense. One easy thing I noticed is you guys use X-factor. There was one match where you didn’t even use your X-factor with Ghostrider because you said you thought it didn’t benefit him much. One thing is you don’t ever want to lose without using X-factor because it was designed to be a comeback mechanic (and a ridiculously good one too). If you lose without using X-factor it means you still had a resource to make a comeback, but did not use it. Of course, there are ways to use it more effectively (like mid combo or X-factor guard cancelling), but generally speaking, its better to use it than not. Also, don’t be scared to use your X-factor on a character that is giving you problems, even if it’s early in the match. Usually, this will affect your opponents team synergy in a way that it will make it tremendously difficult for them to win, plus it gives you a free mix up on the incoming character. So, in maximizing your offense, of course this means learning and using the more advanced combos available, but if you can’t execute those, then it doesn’t maximize damage anyways. If I were you guys I would start with easier combos that you can land consistently and then try to expand from there because I think it’s more important to be able to deal damage consistently than it is to hit that cool looking combo once out of 8 times or something. The only way to do that is to practice until it becomes second nature. With that said, I do think that there are some spots where you guys can easily tack on some extra damage that you guys are missing out on. Now I don’t really play your guys’ characters too much so I may be mistaken, but I do think these should work:

For Hulk, when you pressure with gamma charge, instead of going forward twice, you might want to try going backwards on the second one to make it safer. Also, when you do a normal air combo to someone mid screen, after S to smash them back down, you can do gamma charge toward the opponent and then cancel with gamma tsunami to OTG and add some damage. In the corner, after a normal air combo, I believe you can OTG with gamma wave then cancel into gamma crush and it should connect or you can just use gamma quake after j.S and it should OTG, but I think the timing may be a little strict for those, not sure though.

For Hawkeye, don’t forget about standing H. It causes chip IIRC and you can cancel it into any of his specials so it can help fill up the map with stuff when zoning. Experiment with it and see how you like it. Also, I thought I saw you guys try to use the ice shot to OTG into super, but I would use poison shot instead as it causes more damage if you count the damage after poison. Another thing is I believe that Hawkeye’s level 3 super OTG’s so you can tag that on the end of any air combo for extra damage.

For Captain America, don’t forget that you have his cartwheel. It’s a really great tool to open people up when coupled with assists. Not really familiar with Cap otherwise so I can’t offer much, but I’m sure the guide and the character forums will have plenty of stuff.

I don’t really have any suggestions for your other characters either because I didn’t see enough of them or I have spent almost no time playing them, so that’s about all the advice I can give. If there is any way I can help you guys out more, just let me know. Sorry for the long response, but I hope this helped you guys in some way, shape, or form. I look forward to seeing you guys progress.

Happy practicing.

Wow! Thanks Resurection! Me and Lang will review your tips and try to put them into practice for future episodes!

Episode 4! Back to the UMVC3 grind!

Episode 5!

Episode 6!

Episode 7!