New Simple Focus Crumple Reset



If you have one bar and land a focus attack you can do this and it’s simple. Don’t know why I haven’t seen it more. I recommend you only use this occasionally (maybe once a match) and in a high pressure situation where the opponent is likely to throw out SRK or other wake up moves.

Focus Attack > Dash Cancel Forward > Quick Focus Attack (level 1) > Dash Cancel Forward > EX Demon Flip

So basically you focus attack to crumple, then dash up, focus attack them again quickly, dash forward again so you’re right in the opponent’s face. This usually causes them to freak out and throw out a Shoryuken, Throw or whatever. As soon as your dash ends you can EX Demon Flip and with the invincibility frames you will go right through most moves. You usually land on the other side and can punish with a full combo. The two Focus Attacks followed by a big combo will get most characters close to stun. I like this one because it looks like you’ve messed up your input and most opponents will just throw out their strongest move or command throw and whiff.

I can’t tell you how many times I was able to turn a whole match around from one simple focus attack. Throw in the mix up potential of Crumple > Dash Forward > LK demon flip over them > Dash under > Combo.


It’s interesting but I’ll have to look into it myself to find it’s potential for me as a Gouken personally.
So I’ll get back after I’ve weighed it’s pros and cons.

Although I’d like to state one con right now. If you got a FA Crumple with 1 EX, You have a full damage combo already, is there any need to do a risky reset to get the possibly less damage or the same.
(If you have only 1 EX you’ve just wasted it on an EX DF so you’ll have nothing to combo with, or if you have more, your still heading into the same combo you could have done a second ago without the risky reset.)


I agree with toof, if you’ve already got a crumple why bother using a meter for a reset when you already had big guaranteed damage? You might as well just do this setup but instead of EX flip just block/late tech… If they throw out an unsafe move you can still punish it without spending meter.


Yeah that’s true. Just found that it was working getting a few extra hits in. Especially mid/late into a set when the pace is speeding up. Not really that great now that I think about it.


Yeah the main problem is it’s a reset that doesn’t win against anything EXCEPT reversal/dp type moves that are heavily punishable. If they block, crouch or even stand tech/whiff throw they still have time to walk under and punish. You’d be better off doing an EX tatsu imo which would at least beat pretty much anything except blocking/crouch teching, of course it’s hella risky too.

I would just honestly not use this reset at all though, EXCEPT for the blocking/crouching late tech option. Maybe if you did this reset once and threw or did whatever towards them, that would get them to try to avoid it but I don’t see any smart player just going raw like that, no offense.

Gouken is a good on resets but when you have an opportunity for big guaranteed damage like that, I feel it’s better to take it mostly. He has better setups for resets and more scarce times for big damage like a focus crumple.


The first suggestion is interesting when you want to get in your opponents head, but this second thing is giving me goggle eyes. What in the hell are you talking about here? There must be something you forgot to type. You crumple, dash, lk.flip over, then dash under? Are you using a system hack? LOL.


Well there is that corner reset. " FA Crumple, dash forward, HK DF DiveKick, Dash under, combo.
Thats what I use anyway, a MK DF would likely work, and it’s possibly a LK will work too. If it’s mid screen that’d be SO good!

I NEED to check this out now.


I tried the crumple>dash>lk.flip>dash in the corner and now I get what techno was saying. Cool reset, pretty tricky.