New Smileys

Would it be possible to add some new ones?

A sarcasm smiley perhaps?
Something like…

"Justin Wong has no knowledge of fighting games.


New smileys would be kind of

Also, the smiley menu needs to be wider or come out horizontally; the bottom gets cut off for me. Does it happen to anyone else?

I always like meeting new faces!

:lame: We don’t need it.If you wanna use some new smilies. Start using the IMG feature. :slight_smile:

if you wanna find some more that match our current set, go ahead and link them in here, and ill see what i can do.

There are a bunch of categories here.


I’ve always been partial to this:

= :mod:

Well now they are all gone.

Would it be possible to update the motions to the ones used on the wiki (see below)?