New SNK Fighter

He was right about Andy, Raiden and Robert being in KOFXII, and it’ll be easy to see if he’s right about the sticks, so…

Sam Sho vs. Last Blade?

He said take 2 of their old fighters and put them together…

Thanks for linking that, but its too weak a rumor at the moment. Its barely a month to E3 anyway, no need for wild speculation.

yep, SS vs LB that was my first reaction too. It could be a full blown out AOF vs FF also, but meh who knows.

they need to resurrect the LB so badly, the characters, the setting, the mood… everything about that game was fantastic! It really was a masterclass IMO and shows that you could have a decent fighting game with good story, cinematics etc.

looking eagerly to see what happens.

I would like to see either. Each fits very well into each other’s storylines.

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does xii even have any new chars in it? I’d love to see what designs snk can come up with in this day and age.

I thought of SS VS LB too. Ditto on new characters.

Edit: Isn’t KOF all ready a cross up of AOF and Garou? Just point this out.


I hope it’s a new AoF game. The original HD 2D fighter. :wink: Let’s gooo.

Samurai Shodown vs. Last Blade PLEASE. Last Blade needs some luvin’.

just give me vanessa

I can only hope that this has something to do with ROTD. But I know that’s not true so I’ll hop on the SSvLB bandwagon.

Oh shit, while I was just thinking about it the answer came to me. It’s that Garou vs Fighters History game that was rumored about years ago. Seeing as SNK bought the rights to the characters a while back, this has to be what they’re talking about.

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I though it was going to be a WH vs FHD game? I really can’t remember though.

How about a new game in the Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter series? I’d like to see that.

they cant go wrong with SS. LB or MOTW 2 would be mmuch apreciated as well.

Edit:Nevermind I’m wrong.

and broken to all hell and back.

I’m happy for anything really, Last Blade and SamSho fit together the best and would make for an interesting game. How about Shock Troopers vs Metal Slug? Or Mutation Nation vs King of the Monsters?