New SNK Games! Where to put? ahh!

So Samurai Showdown V for XBox Live was released yesterday (Tuesday - 01.17.2006).

Pick it up & support SNK Live!!

Also, next week (according to EBGames) King of Fighters Rebout 94’ will be out on Tuesday 01.31.2006.

Prices at $29.99 each, it won’t break the bank too badly. These 2 add to the growing library of SNK XBox Live games (currently including SNK Vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax, King of Fighters 2002/2003).

I believe that I’ll be including these 2 games into the current King of Fighters forum.


To save people a trip (or hassle calling stores to check availability), i’d just like to clarify that 1.31.2006 is the ship date. Niche games like the ones SNK puts out don’t have as much of a demand and have a slower shipping time. They usually won’t be stocked in stores until 2-4 days later (thats been the case with KOF2k2/2k3, SvC, SamShoV and the Metal Slug games, anyway).

And don’t forget Neowave on 2.21.2006 :lovin:

I’ll be picking up SamShoV tomorrow (hopefully!) and I’m anxious to play NeoWave (never played it).

What about Battle Coliseum? Any dates listed for this one?