New Snoop Dogg Fighting/Rhythm Game coming soon

I hope this doesn’t suck.

I saw a lot of people talking shit but here’s how i see it;
Love kung-fu: check.
Love blaxploitation: check
Love rhythm games: check
Love snoop: double check.
I can’t wait.

Commercial Snoop = Snoop who doesn’t sing about smoking weed every day = Fake Snoop.

The video, if it’s the same one I saw earlier, shows him smokin while recording, and playing a song from doggystyle. so one can dream…

hmm. rhythm AND fighting?

hopefully this game will truly let me lay down some beats

bud and fighting games go so well together, its about damn time

When I read about this, I got terrible, terrible flashbacks to Def Jam Icon.
When I read on however I’m seeing this is essentially an Elite Beat Agents with Snoop Dogg.

the only thing that can save this game is the soundtrack

I smell Def Jam Icon’s air DJ-ing superpowers making a comeback.

What? But we’re not even near the 1st of April.

They shoulda put Snoop in TTT2 as a Moku. That woulda been dope.

505 has a track record for producing shitty fighting games

This is nothing more than a vanity project for Snoop wake the fuck up people

rhythm… fighter?

you mean like gitaroo man?

i’m sorry, guitar hero?

THE GAME HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! Anyone tried it?

Now I can finally body someone and say “Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me!”.

Wow this game is terrible.

Without any kind of fanfare or anything :rofl:

Why i am not surprised :confused:

Would you be willing to say that Commercial Snoop is…not a real nigga?

Bad Parappa ripoff with horrible GTA font.