New Soul Calibur Scans IV [EGM?]

Deserves it’s own thread. Game looks absolutely gorgeous. Ivy’s boobs > Me. I want fucking now.

Scans can be found here -

When I get better quality, I’ll upload’em.

Anyone ever notice how since Soul Calibur, Taki was given udders instead of breasts?

Nice. I like Nightmare and Siegfreid’s new look

Tira’s new costume disappoints me. I much preferred her standard costume in SC3. Still, it’s not nearly as horrendous as Voldo’s SC3 otfit. >_>

Grr, no Kilik. They have to rectify the garbage that is his SC3 outift.

Ivy looks like ass. Taki would look awesome (she’s all “pretty” now)…EXCEPT for those ridiculous tits and body paint they call an outfit to cover them.

Tira however, got a marked improvement, at least physically. Long brown hair in pigtails and non-Harajuku lipstick color > horribly bleached green deal.

Oh yeah, from what I can see of him Siegfried still looks like an ethereal, “Holy Knight” badass motherfucker. And good on Namco for FINALLY admitting that Sophie and X are hacked. Too bad for their fans they’re pretty much guaranteed to be nerfed as a result of this. :rofl:

Honestly, I’m not impressed.


Ivy’s titties are just outrageously gigantic. I love it. Tira’s new character design is a big improvement over the short hair, little emo girl shtick.

Where’s my character creator??


Tira’s new look is ownage. Ditch the purple lipstick and the sadistic overtones and I’d date a girl who looked like that.

And character creator’s back man, they said they’re greatly enhancing it with stuff such as individual voices (and pitch change), for example.

Are Ivy’s breasts GLUED onto that string of rope or what? They should plopping out all over the place.

Nightmare looks a lot better than it did in 3.

I thank you for the scans, but I think its illegal/not allowed to put up a link to scans of this. I’m not snitching, just warning.

Taki sets my heart on fire :]

I don’t know whether to blame the scans, or the crappy resolutioned pics in that mag; but I see jaggies. I do trust that Namco will do a splendid job with graphics though, so no worries there.

What I’m worried about is this new combat system, I hope it’s not something creative but unconventional; but rather something creative that can actually fit well when it comes to hardcore play. In other words, I hope they haven’t ‘casualised’ this game any further–you’re playing with your loyal fans’ hearts here Namco :frowning:

This looks damn good.

Compare the screen shots of IV to those of Legends. WOW.

Ivy’s tits got bigger. Good stuff.

Haha man, Ivy looks ridiculous! Her body does not go with her face at all, not to mention she looks… kinda fat. I also agree about Taki, heh, they really do look like udders.

Nightmare looks badass, though.

Graphically, it already looks better than T6 imo. :lol:

Tira’s hawt.

Isn’t this game supposed to have a GG style instant death concept?

I’m not liking the part about clothes of the created characters affecting gameplay. Just make them cooler, with more effects.


They bet not tone Xianghua down too much. She’s gotta stay top tier atleast.

Maybe this means that if you’re wearing like a full suit of armor, you wouldn’t move as fast as say, a person wearing slacks and a tunic? That seems kinda logical to me, as most times people wearing heavy armor and the like are carrying heavy weapons and would fall into the “Siegfried-type”.

EDIT: And sorry man, but I’m all for them nerfing Xianghua to BOTTOM FUCKING TIER. Like some Talim shit (which, damn Namco for effing up Talim’s appearance/moveset in SC3). She’s been too strong for FAR too long.

They can make Kilik and Siegfried top tier instead. :tup:

Nightmare has the fucking all-spark! Oh shi-!