New soundtrack? where? (x360)


supposedly theres a new soundtrack in the rerelease of this game? rap one with a bunch of good artists?

i dont see any way to switch it on…


I’d assume it’s an additional download, since the filesize of the game was so small. I was wondering this as well, although I don’t mind the original soundtrack either, because I’m going for a ride.


BTW how big is the filezise? Im not at home yet to download it :sad:


Soundtrack is just custom soundtracks from what I understand. The ones off your harddrive, jut like every other game :frowning:


Nope its a soundtrack.


Like 175mb give or take.


raekwon looks completely clueless :rofl:




A hip-hop soundtrack featuring Raekwon?

This announcement is so pringles.


When is this coming out?


There is no date yet. According to the article on Kotaku, it should be soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out close to the PSN release.

From what I’ve heard so far, the soundtrack is pretty good. I’ve only heard 2 songs so far :shy:


Sorry about giving false info.


They’re both pretty awful to be honest.

I’ll admit hip hop isn’t my genre of music (although I love Jurassic 5, Jedi Mind Tricks and the extremely sexist rhymes of Notorious) and I quite enjoyed the original soundtrack.

The idea of a hip hop soundtrack interests me greatly, but the problem is that the artists who we’ve seen so far don’t really seem to know how to write lyrics.
I don’t like the fact that the songs are all about Marvel vs Capcom 2. We all love the “I wanna take you for a ride” and yet, it’s so ambiguous that it could mean absolutely anything. Instead, we’ve got “yo yo Hyper Combo” and all this shit.

I’m tired


So once this soundtrack is available and in the XBox 360 hard drive, how will it replace the current MvC2 soundtrack? Will a soundtrack editor be available once a patch come or XBox 360 users will get stuck pressing the guide button alot?


Heiroglyphics! That song they did for the turbo hd remix mixtape was fiyah


I’m really hoping there will be an in game option for setting the songs. If they do that, I’m getting music from the old vs. series games. =D


I’m surprised that they choose real artist. I want to hear Talib’s track.


anything will be better than the original soundtrack.


Yeah, the lyrics are a turn off however, I prefer the music over what is originally on MvC2.

“yo yo Hyper Combo!”

That’s fuckin priceless :rofl:

Still waiting to hear Talib :annoy:


Still curious to hear if/when this will be out.