NEW Special HAYATO air combo



I was playing MVC2 the other day and I accidentally discovered this special air combo with hayato, one of the most underrated fighters in the game.

First off, to do this combo right you have to have at least 2 bars of super meter and another teammate still alive, ( hayato can’t be the only fighter you have left).

Basically, just launch the other fighter (do c. HP) and start to do the basic air combo (sj. lp, sj. lk) , but after you do sj. lp and then sj. lk, dont do do an air combo finisher (like hk, hp or hayato’s plasma field super. after doing lp, lk in the air combo do a sword stomp (down+ HK) the move where he comes straight down. For the sword stomp to connect, you need to make sure that you are as close as possible to the other fighter in the air while doing the air combo, they have to be slightly under you when you do stomp, or else it wont connect. Now after doing the stomp, QUICKLY do the plasma field super, (QCB+kk). I mean like right away, if you are too slow then the combo wont work. However, the plasma field is not supposed to connect with the other fighter, if they are not hit by it then you are doing the combo right. The special thing about this combo is that when the fighter is hit by the sword stomp (down+HK) THEY CAN’T BLOCK UNTIL THEY REACH THE GROUND. So basically, it’s like your doing a “guard break” but your doing it all the way up in the air.
Now here is the final part of the combo, and most damaging part of the combo. After you the sword stomp, you do the plasma field(qcb+ kk) and QUICKLY DHC into another super. The type of super that will make this work is one that comes out quickly, like Iron Man’s proton cannon or sentinels plasma storm super( qcf+ pp), or even better a damaging vertical super ( I DHCed into Jin’s Satome Cycloon (qcf+kk) it always works with this special combo because its vertical but it covers a large area and automically sucks in the other person, who can’t block) or Ken’s shinryuken (qcf+KK), or if you use Hulk, do his really powerful gamma crush super(qcb+pp). For those who know about Hulk, you that gamma crush does even more damage when he hits the other fighter while they are above him in the air (like they are in this combo). I also pulled this combo off doing Dhalsim’s Yoga Inferno (qcf+pp), while aiming the flames directly upward, to the catch the falling figher. I haven’t experimented with all the possible supers, but I know that you have to DHC into a quick start up super that comes out in front of the fighter(like iron man’s proton cannon) or a vetical super, the reason is that although the other fighter cant block until they reach the ground, they are falling to the ground at the regular speed, so they are coming down pretty fast, which is why you need to input the plasma field super RIGHT after you do the sword stomp and DHC into another quick starting super. Remember that the plasma field has a pretty small window of time to DHC into another super so you need to input the next super really quickly for it to work. If you DHC’ed into another super quick enough, that super will catch them right before they reach the ground and the combo will work, since they can’t block. It takes a little practice, but this combo does work, and its worth it to see the look on the face of the person you are playing, when they try to block while falling from the air and got hit by a proton cannon or some other super. This combo is a more damaging alternative to the combo I used to do (and most people know how to do) which was sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. lp, sj. lk., plasma field (qcb kk), which sets off the timer for unlimited supers for hayato. This combo is better because when I did that combo, most people at the arcade I play against at the arcade run away from hayato until the timer runs for unlimited super runs out, so you basically don’t get to do much damage. This air “combo” takes two levels worth of meter, but it is worth it because of the damage it does, and the fact that the other person can’t block it.


Still no replies huh… Well personaly I think it sounds pretty intresting shrug lol.

Though not intrtesting enough for me to acctualy put in the game itself. =[


Hm…sounds interesting to me.
I’ll give it a shot one of these days, and see how it turns out.


Well shit, thats kinda tite I have to say.


yea that seems pretty fuckin cool im going to checkk that shit out when i get home


“This combo is a more damaging alternative to the combo I used to do (and most people know how to do) which was sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. lp, sj. lk., plasma field (qcb kk), which sets off the timer for unlimited supers for hayato.”

You can do magic series, dragon punch lp xx qcb+kk also. Doesn’t do as much damage though :frowning:


sixtymhz -

if you do magic series>lp dp xx qcb+kk you can then do >HP OTG>lp,hp,<-,lk,hk combo.

I think yours has some potential though… I play the game over and over every day during downtime in my MMORPGs hahaha, so I screw around with lots of characters. Currently screwin around w/ Marrow/Tron/Spiral lockdown/chip fest. I’ll most likely switch Spiral for Doom but I’m tryin to get sucky tiers in there hehehe.

Great work though.


It’ll be pretty damn good on the arcade…should be easier ta get off on arcade too…I’mma have ta try that.


What I like to do with the plasma combo that start with Lp is back Lp,Lp,Lp(or Hp),Hk,Lp right befor the oppenent lands dash,down Lp,Lp launcher magic serie that ends with HP,Hk (Lp,Lk,Mp,Mk,HP,Hk).


I did this the other day and the guy said “WTF was that.”


havent tried it but sounds fast…

cant you just… hit em up… chain special DHC? when you do that… the guy goes into dizzy mode… like when sombody kicks in… I usually use charlie in my hayato team for fun…

I do blah blah blah DHC charlie wave dash… do another one… corner then aim for reset…

but I still gotta try out that combo…

in the corner its better to combo off into the ragin demon thing instead of using DHC.


I did it with Hulk iron man DHC and I got 135 damage. If I jumped in and added hits before the launcher this could easily do 145 or more damage. Great find. Also I found you can get an easy Hulk double crush with hayatos A assist. Call the assist and do Hulks Gamma Crush if the assist hits you got it Guaranteed.

But great find man!


I did it with Hulk iron man DHC and I got 135 damage. If I jumped in and added hits before the launcher this could easily do 145 or more damage. Great find. Also I found you can get an easy Hulk double crush with hayatos A assist. Call the assist and do Hulks Gamma Crush aming it as needed to hit the top of his jump. If the assist hits you got it Guaranteed.

But great find man!


You can do some other stuff as well with the plasma field. When you go up for the air combo, go for like 6 hits then crossup aerial with lp xx plasma. Another cool strategy is plasma combo for 5 hits with juggle, hp Guren (uppercut) xx plasma field. You have to cancel the Guren pretty fast, or you can do the plasma combo for 5, Shiden (the two hit slash) xx plasma shield crossup. Some of this of course is blockable, but nice mixup for Hayato. I just saw how old this thread was, and I was like “Damn!!!” Its all good though…


The thing posted above I like better because the Plasma field locks you into options I do not necessarily want. I always like the options of an instant safe DHC tag out and that can’t be accomplished if the plasma field hits. Those things I posted with the Hulk are pretty deadly considering they are unblockable and all I need to start them is an air combo.

Nevertheless I want to discover some uses for the plasma field. Using it as an OTG is something I have seen in the forums that I’d like to explore further.


The plasma field (for me mainly) is for DHC. It does a bit of damage in the aerial combo, but most people dont fear nothing cause connecting his level 3 is kinda hard. So its best to DHC to someone else (like everyone has mentioned) I just mentioned some options with his plasma field for mixup and crossup to add a greater appeal for playing Hayato.


**Hayato/RubyHeart **(capture) Do the first version of the plasma combo for 5.
Plasma Combo-Back+lp3,hk,lp/Ruby(delay)/ wave dash+hp. The wave dash+hp performs a sliding slice, which is not used much because of the horrible lag and priority. But with the plasma combo, youre able to use it with more confidence. After the sliding slice connects, you can do plasma field after it or go from there. You can either hit once or connect for 2 hits, which knocks the opponent away from you. Delay Ruby until your opponent is almost landing to call her out. They can roll out of it, but who cares.
Hayato/Doom(rocks) With Doom, Hayato plasma combo becomes better used because of chip damage and possible connects.
Plasma Combo Perform the plasma combo for 5 Back+lp3,hk,Doom,hp Guren xx plasma field. You have to time and position this combo right because the plasma field will not connect if not. The Guren you want to use is the hp+3, its hard to do it without doing his 7-hitter, but practice it. The plasma field will then knock the opponent far away, and the remainder rocks will connect. Or, you can do the solo plasma for 5,Guren xx plasma field and try to connect RubyHeart capture. Im trying that almost everyday now, something cool to work on. There are other things I have with the team but I wanted to mention Hayato stuff for yas…



Most of the time with hayato I’m just messing around and I just want to get plasma field active so I can get free b.hayato attempts.

I love hayato though I normally play him with psi… any hayato air combo finish with fk… land in their face as they are waking up… call psy… and before she connects do hayato’s unblockable grab… (bck,fwd, pp)… if the unblockable grab whiffs… psy covers you… if it doesn’t whiff then you can get a relaunch out of it… and repeat til you get to the corner. In corner… obviously the plasma field to relaunch can be recombined with this psy strat… some ugly shiz…

Low tier mahvel… 100 x more addictive than opium…


Tell me about it I was losing to a cable blackheart sentinel team. He had sent and cable and I was down to Hulk with an 1/8 of health. I gamma charged and solo crushed him and his assist for the win when they had half health. He proceeded to send me hate mail lol


Yea people pick cheese teams like that and you pick low tier and beat em… they get really bitter.

Increases the reward factor for playing low tier…hehe

Plasma field as a corner air combo ender is great. If they don’t roll after… you can otg low short and combo a black hayato for free. Or just otg with a plasma combo juggle, relaunch… ect.

Check out shoryuswordsmans youtube vids.