New Spencer player, tips?

After seeing all the great tech with Iron Fist and Spencer’s re-stand assist, I decided to pick him up for my team. Unfortunately, he seems like a fairly difficult character, so I’m having a little trouble getting past the basics on my own. What kinds of things should I be doing? What are some ways to progress to more advanced Spencer play? Any techniques I can use that work well? Also, what kinds of assists work well with Spencer’s playstyle?

The biggest advice I can give you for Spencer is to make sure you do not form bad habits, mostly referring to the use of zipline, and primarily when not covered by an assist. A lot of people you play against don’t understand how unsafe it is and won’t punish it, and as a result its very easy to get used to using it at times when you really shouldn’t. Try to avoid using air horizontal zips altogether when you can, theres a million different ways to punish it, air down forward wire zips can be your friend though. If you have the strategy guide I’d hit that up and really beat into yourself what is and isn’t safe with Spencer. do NOT overuse zipline, i promise it will lose you games if you get too used to doing it.

The above also applies to grapples, they can be thrown out a good bit but don’t put yourself in compromising positions just because you’re hoping for random grapples to hit.

Don’t forget he has a command grab, granted its pretty slow.

Learn unscaled vertical grapple combos.

Don’t use the day 1 random bionic lancer xfactor into mixup setups, they won’t work against anybody worth playing, and its another thing that can become a bad habit.

You generally want assists that either A. extend his combos ( hidden missiles, otg assists, etc. ) or B. Protect and support his aggression ( taskmaster, hawkeye, beam assists, tatsu etc. ) Theres a few that function both ways, Ammy comes to mind, but thats generally what you want to look for.

will post back if i think of anything else, this is all ive got off the top of my head.

[]His normals are pretty good, cr :h: is safe on block (0), and with the use of an assist you can cover yourself while mixing up with lows, :f:+:h:, and his command throw (It’s has a 5 frame startup, so not as great as Wesker’s but still useful).
]Learn how to use Unscaled vertical grapples in combos. Check out Stark’s combo thread, it’s extremely detailed and has combos from anywhere on the screen. Learn how to TK Bionic Bomber and his Grapples to extend his combos.
[]Take advantage of his mobility but don’t abuse it. His Swing grapple is great for moving around, but they can be unsafe. Cover yourself with an assist to advance with Swing grapple. In UMVC3, you can tech out of throws even during the recovery frames of moves, so be aware of it if your opoonents try to airthrow you out of a Swing grapple.
]His dash also covers a pretty good distance so that’s a great way to move around.
[]Spencer works well with characters that have projectiles that allow him to set up an offense. He also benefits from assists that last a while such as Amaterasu’s Cold Star or Dante’s Jam Session. They allow you to extend his corner combos where Spencer can teal dons of damage.
]You can also punish bad assist calls with Bionic Lancer, but remember you’re vulnerable at the end if the point character blocks it.
[]You can kara cancel Spencer’s cr :h: into his command grab for extra range.
]After a snapback or killing a character, you can time a late air :l: and you can land before them and grab them out of the air with his command grab (I heard Yipes talking about Pr Rog’s setup on the NEC stream)
[]TK Grapples and Bionic Bomber to extend combos.
]If you’re in the middle of an air combo hitting your opponent, you can throw in a Horizontal Swing wire or down-forward Swing Wire to bring your opponent closer to the corner. That move has a certain amount of hitstun which allows it to be used in combos.
For example, after :s: j:m: j:m: j:h: :df:+:s:+:atk: j:s:. This also lets you land faster and you have more time to do an OTG grapple.

Is there an easy way to follow up after the air QCF.M otg?

i try the Downforward grapple into S, land, S but it rarely ever works.

what other character work with Hawkeye, and Spencer in one team. but i want to leave hawkeye as ancher

I use Spencer/Wesker/Hawkeye myself. Greyhound is a great cover assist and OTG gunshot from Wesker makes any Spencer combo a hard hitting one. Packs a nice punch.

It’s best to learn the timing for that. If you use :d::df::f::m: early in a midscreen, the :df: Wire Grapple into j:s: and that followup lead to lots of damage. Outside of learning the timing for :df: Wire Grapple, you can use Bionic Lancer or Maneuvers.

If you use it near the corner, you have a couple of options. Check the combo thread for some more ideas.

If you’re Hawkeye as an anchor with Greyhound, any character that needs a projectile assist to get in or help is great for 1st or second slot (Wesker, Magneto, Dante, etc). If your character has a self OTG, you can put Spencer in second slot with Slant assist to extend combos.
If you like to play keepaway, Doom is a great 2nd character that has some DHC potential with Spencer (Bionic Maneuvers > Sphere Flame). He also benefits from having a projectile assist to help him keep away or rush down.

what if i want to drop specer and have other character that work with hawkeye. i do not like wesker because he is over used. and i want a team that has good synergy as well as dhc. i have also tryed outed vergil i do not like that he gets hit when someone is blocking and attack

Remember that the tech throw glitch is being taken out soon, so it’s best to not get too used to it.

what do you mean?

The tech throw glitch allows you to tech grabs during recovery frames of moves. This includes the recovery frames of Spencer’s wire swing. This made it a lot less punishable to grabs and got Spencer in for free unless you had great AA normals or invincible moves.

It’s going to be patched out, so Spencer’s wire grapple will not be as safe. This is why Spencer needs an assist to cover him while approaching (With wire swings, wavedashing in, jumping, etc).

For my Hawkeye team I use Dr. Strange: Strange/Hawkeye/Anchor. Haven’t decided what would be a good anchor, I switch between either Spencer, Dante, Sentinel or Doom.
Most characters benefit from the arrow assist and Hawkeye can dhc from anything with the gimlet, and the scattershot super is pretty easy to DHC to as well so If you’re using Hawkeye anchor, it’s really up to you who you want/like to use.
Either way probably better to ask that in the Hawkeye team thread.

Serious question to you Spencer pros… how does Spencer convert a Happy Birthday into massive damage on both characters? I’d prefer to not blow my Xfactor on this.

I actually had a conversation with someone today about Spencer’s best Happy Bday option outside of the corner and was given this tip on Happy Bdays w/ Spencer (havent actually tried it myself yet though):

LMH, Armor Piercer, Dash LMHS MMHS Bionic Bomber xx Arm (If you’re close enough to the corner, I’m guessing Mid screen distance would be good)

In the corner you could always just launch, do a really slow/spaced out MMHS Bomber xx Arm.

I didnt think about using Armor Piercer early. Good idea

Not sure who you are using 2nd, but if you have Storm or Frank or someone else with an otg super, you can do whatever combo, then THC. Hope that helps some.

Im using Spencer/Wesker/Raccoon, so that isn’t an option.