New Spider-Man game! Spidey crosses over with...himself

I hope one of the other dimensions is 2099. That would be dope as fuck.

:rofl: so they took the last episode of the animated series and made a game out of it? interesting.

I was thinking the same thing. It just has to be!

never heard of the noir spidey before…

It’s a recent Marvel universe. Don’t ask me anything about it, I haven’t read any of the books. Personally, I think Noir Daredevil is the most retardedly redundant thing I’ve ever heard, but Noir Spidey always seemed kinda cool.


My balls just shrunk and my dick just got rock solid.

I am so…HARD.

…Meh? Trailer didn’t really do much for me. Noir Spidey seems to want to bite off Batman AA though.

Activision acknowledged that the last games sucked, and admittance is the first step to recovery, but I’ll refrain from getting my hopes up. At all.

I am really likin the art style. Other than that, meh.

oh shit… AWESOME!!!

i too am so HARD right now. like seriously i could knockout superman right now im that HARD

anyways noir spiderman is an interesting read. its like a spiderman that just dont give a fuck. smacks around jameson, shoots people with no discern for their sake, foul mouth. id say its definitely a definitive pick up

Nior Spiderman…what?
Were his parents killed by a street mugger named Eddie Brock?

sheeeit, Noir Spiderman is seriously bad-ass. That has immediately become the main attraction for this game, imo.

sidenote-- thanks a LOT, local affiliate for deciding nobody in this city needed to see the entire 2nd season (and ending?) of Spectacular Spiderman. The local affiliates here are just straight up assholes about certain things. I think EVERY other goddamn saturday morning cartoon aired here…EXCEPT that one.

Trying way too hard to be Batman AA, the game that still gives me a boner when I think about it.

This looks plain ugly. Maybe it’ll be good. Considering Spidey’s track record… I doubt it.

Everything Activision says is bullshit.

Umm no, the Noir Spiderman comic series is pretty good though.
Noir Spidey just takes place during the Depression era of the US. The villians were adjusted for their roles in the series for example

Doc Ock


is a short crippled (IIRC) man in a wheelchair who does experiments on black people

wow lol that sounds…interesting.

the noir spider parts looks like there gonna be a complete rip of batman arkham asylum.

Looks like 2099 is in! I’m guessing Zombies are all that’s left. 2099 Cosmic costume

i think they’re hyping this game up a little too much. despite liking spiderman i’ve never been very impressed with the spiderman games. i came in here hoping we would see armored spiderman and everyone else from the end of TAS, but i guess its more for people who keep up with the comics.

Oh…ouch. They should not add her at all.

havent played batman AA yet but i plan to when i cop this ps3 but it doesnt look like that game at all to me. i think people are too caught up on the lighting of the noir part. noir spiderman is addressed as it is because like someone said prior it was back in the depression. even in the comic they kinda aim towards the black/white style and using dark colors.