New SSF4 AE fighter

Hello all,

My name is Michael and came across the forum due to watching videos on youtube of EVO 11. I currently play SSF4 AE and use Ibuki as my main. I am doing oki with her but I am struggling on landing some of her combos and super jump cancelling is a pain. I have been playing SSF4 AE for about a month now in total but only started playing online today. I wanted to practice first before going online and getting destroyed.

If there any Ibuki players out there that could give me some advice or even show me some combos or techniques that would be amazing. I will put my gamer tag below and if you want to add me and help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Gamer Tag: Pure Deus

The Ibuki Forum is the place to be. One thing you’ll want to learn eventually is the “Vortex”. Otherwise, I’m far from an expert on Ibuki, and I’m not even going to bother pretending to be.

I have just been looking in the Ibuki forum and been reading about the vortex and other cross ups. I will be practicing them tomorrow in training. Also might have to learn Ibuki’s slide to get under fire balls as all I am using at the mo is the f.MK to get over them and miss judging them most of the time.

Thank you for your help.