New SSF4 player : How to find other players?



I’m new to SF4. Even though I know the series for years I, only now, want to get serious with it. I choose a char that I like and having fun with and I looked up some guide or tips on the internet.
My big issue now is that… How to find players ? When I play online (SSF4AE) I find a player every 20min and the player is ridiculously experienced compared to me. (3 perfects in a row or almost…)
Then I live in Switzerland, this means that I won’t find any tournament or places where people gather to play fighting games…
Do you have any advice ? Some placed where I can find online player to play and train with ? Because I don’t learn much when someone perfects me tree time in a row without me being able to try anything except blocking.

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Hi rXp,

What system/s are you playing on?


host a tournament in your area. Advertise it at all the local game shops and on line, take down everyones contact info and start hosting weekly get togethers


I am playing on PC at the moment.
About hosting a tournament the idea is nice but finding people playing fighting game is harder than you think in Switzerland. Dota or CS (I played both but a team always has a flow) are more popular because more mainstream I guess.


I’m currently having a similar issue, except I live near an area where I know I could host a tournament (or at least get assistance in hosting one) and people would come. My issue is that I’m not sure I’m good enough for people to respect me as a TO. Is that ever a true concern? Also, how much goes into hosting a tournament (besides equipment and venue requirements)?


If you’re a good TO I couldn’t care less how good you are at the game. As for hosting a tournament, you need monitors, consoles, a venue, maybe food, and you need a way to communicate information to everyone. More important than all of those is being organized. You can have the best venue, the best setups, but if everything’s running behind and nobody has any idea what’s going on it won’t matter.

rxp you could check in the matchmaking thread, but I’m not sure if there’s a Switzerland section. Either way just do what Jason said. Find a place where you can play video games and then organize a tournament. Advertise in places that gamers would frequent. Card shops, game stores, tech stores, etc, and stress that everyone is invited regardless of skill level. Make entry to the tourney free and put up a $10-20 thing as a prize, like a giftcard to popular local place or just a bit of cash. Make it as easy for people to enter as possible. During and after the tournament get everyone’s contact info so you can play with them.


I’m a T.O. at the Detroit weekly’s, The Walraven Weekly @ Mitten Masher Mondays. Started out just running AE, now 14 weeks later we are up to 4 games and I am not great at any of them, I usually go 0-2 when I enter my tournaments (best I ever did was 2-2). No one give me any gruff, they are just happy I show up, run the brackets, and put the match videos on the internet.
Besides venue and equipment, show up early. Have everything set up before you do registration. Start off just doing one game until you can make it through the night with few mistakes. If internet is available use for the brackets. Keep entry fees low if you are doing this weekly. Try to use separate computers for streaming/recording and brackets. Keep notes at sign up on who has paid.
Mitten Masher Mondays runs from 6pm-1am but most people show up around 8ish. I bring 3 setups, the MFGC (michigan fighting game Community) brings two, and various other bring their own set-ups. I show up around 8pm to set up, at about 8:50 I announce that I am coming around with the sign in sheet. Once I have everyone signed into their games I sit back down and make a last call to enter the games. I start entering the names into challonge starting with the game with the least amount of entrants. Once I get that bracket done I announce the first round matches, then repeat with the next game. Ask that the winners report the match results, but even with that keep looking at your brackets and if you have matches that you need played or need the results from keep asking. The reason I do it this way is that the games with less entrants will finish a tad bit earlier the quicker they start. This last week i started 30 min late and from 9:30pm-1am we finished VF5FS (4 people), TTT2 (8 people), UMvC3 (11 people), and AE2012 (17 people) and finished on time.
I’m not sure how others do it but i like powering thru the winners bracket, then work thru losers. Even though I focus on winners at first, I still encourage losers bracket matches to be played if there is an extra set-up available.