New ST?


Would it be possible to do a community created remake of ST like they have done project M for super smash bros brawl??
I kno that’s what HDR was for. It did some things right but it also had its issues.
With kickstarter available we can fund it within our community. We can vote changes into the game
3v3 like KOF?
Throw techs?
Lower damage on supers?
No random damage or dizziness?
Just a thought of reviving the game. Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to feel like the game is dying more than before. Is there any hope of this happening or am I just delusional to what I want ST to be?


Wasn’t the entire appeal to most people the fact that it was strictly fundamentals? Project M was fixing problems that Brawl created (tripping, slower pace, removal of core competitive mechanics) whereas this would just be… well, random additions to an old game.

The veterans won’t want it and it isn’t going to attract new players, pro or otherwise. I don’t really see the point, honestly.


HDR did a lot of things right, and the things it did wrong are mostly the fault of Udon and Capcom.

And HDR was seen as the fighting game version of Hitler.

So don’t hold your breath for a new ST. Didn’t you hear? Current ST is “perfect.”




What Specs said. HDR didn’t caught (for reasons I still don’t understand entirely), so the chance that a fan made mod will enjoy success is very slim. ST is a very old game, people got used to it, those who like it like it the way it is, those who don’t moved on.
I personally enjoy ST a lot, but I would have liked HDR to be adopted by the whole community.


It’s always a slow period for ST after EVO until the end of the year. Hardly any majors going on. Things will probably pick up soon as the tournament season starts for 2014.


You know, ST is a very old game, its not like any of us will be adopting another version after so much time unless that new version is perfectly thought out. HDR did some stuff right(e.g. Ken, Blanka, M.Bison(IMO)… ) but also did some wrong (e.g T.Hawk, top tiers are still top tiers, Honda still owns Gief/Cammy…). It also needs an arcade release (or at least a PC release, a console only release is destined to fail).
Anyway, I think that ST deserves another iteration, but it must not be done by one sole person. If the japs did it, I’m sure that it would be so good that it would be the new standard. We can always hack the rom ourselves and do what we want though (plenty of information on this subject here on these forums).


HDR is the best fighting game ever made and accomplished everything it set out to do which included top tiers still being top tiers.
And T-Hawk still has option select just a more interesting form of it.

It was still not considered good enough to replace ST by the old players.

If the japs made a new ST it would play like SF4 and SFxT.
Because that’s the kind of games japanese SF devs are making now.


Oh, when I said the Japs I was not referring to the actual devs from capcom, but the community. Imagine if the top players themselves (who know this game better than anyone here or anyone else on the planet) decided which changes the game really needed to be perfect balanced and still be fun. That would be awesome.
Anyway, sorry for my ignorance, can you tell me more about HDR Hawk’s Option selects ?


He loses the normal typhoon os but can still do it with his super with the new motion.
So he has a no-whiff walkup super without buffering.

He can also gain meter more safely than ST hawk as his throw whiff builds meter but i don’t think anyone really put that to the test in tournaments as the game died pretty quickly.

There were japanese players whose opinions were asked for the rebalancing.

“Before implementing this, I also talked to Nekohashi, one of the best Ryu players in Japan. I asked him for his list of Ryu changes for a new version of Street Fighter and his response was something close to “No changes needed, Ryu’s design is already perfect.” I said ok, but how about this idea of adding just one thing: a fake fireball? Nekohashi said, “Yes! That is a masterpiece. Give him that move and nothing else.” I think Nekohashi probably had similar reasoning to mine above, because I had already explained to him a few ways that various weaker characters would have to avoid fireballs. So with Nekohashi’s blessing, I added the fake fireball to the game very early in development.”

“When I explained the debate to former Evolution champion Tokido, from Japan, he responded, “I understand the balance idea here, but I think if you remove stored super…Japanese players will not like. I think you should leave it, but reduce damage, as you did.” Thanks Tokido!”


Other than that i believe the japanese response to the game was pretty good.
The players that played it in tournaments stateside and europe seemed to like it and i remember Aniken being a strong proponent of it organising tournaments and teaching japanese players how to buy it.
I think there was a stream of him and other japanese top players playing it uploaded to youtube somewhere.

found it:
7 parts in total.


Daigo said HDR was a worthy successor.

Nobody tell the ST diehards on this forum though…


I like it. They are two entirely different games though.


I think another version of SF2 in general would be awesome, especially if it was also on arcade. I don’t think this community will support it though, sadly.


I like damage and dizzies. I like that you can merc people in 8 seconds.

I like that you don’t have to grind meter in order to gain access to moves that don’t suck.


This is something I don’t understand. Why are ST and HDR so different ? As far as I know, no new game mechanic was added, no new characters…only some inputs were made more lenient, and some rebalance. I’m not sure if this enough to call them 2 completely different games. For me, HDR is ST with slightly better balance.


Anyone have a link to the changes from ST to HDR?


I have no qualms with HDR. HDR didn’t fail because it wasn’t a good remake of ST, just like any current remake will fail regardless of whether or not it’s good.


Here it is:


Thanks a lot for the fast reply Emanuel.


Added Akuma (bad), removed all SSF2 versions of the characters (very bad). We can also say N.Fei Long was removed, since it’s a completely different character. So no new Fei and old Ken, Ryu, Honda, Chun, Fei, Guile, Hawk and Sagat, for instance. I’d say the only good removal was O.Sagat.

HDR failed because it took too long to be released and SF4 ended up smashing it due to marketing. We all know that. It was supposed to be released a year earlier, which means it should have been the EVO headliner. That alone would certainly bring more attention and players to SF2. Due to the delay, the opposite happened.