New Stargate up and running


Just wanted to give everyone notice that the Stargate is now running on the membership program as of today. (Sunday 14th)

Ranma may be posting all of the new membership information onto his old StargateInfo website if he can, and he’ll direct everyone to it.

Here is all of the info. :

The Stargate

Offers a mix of multi-console games and arcade games with both Hourly & ALL DAY - unlimited play options.

Players can choose which games they would like to play from various titles on the XBOX, PS2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast systems (subject to availability) along with various full size arcade games.

Players also have the choice of bringing their own console controllers to use, or they may rent house controllers. ( limited availablility of controllers & security deposit required )

Prices for daily passes and membership plans

1 Hour : $2.00

2 Hour : $3.00 ( children under 10yrs- $2.00 )

Daily : $10.00 ( children under 10yrs- $5.00 )

Weekly : $35.00 ( $35 savings from Daily Membership )

Monthly : $95.00 ( $45 savings from Weekly Membership )

Evening only pass ( admission after 6pm only )

Daily : $7.00 ( children under 10yrs- $4.00 )

Weekly : $25.00

Monthly : $75.00

  • Memberships expire relative to the date of purchase. 1 week from, or 1 month from*

** Daily Pass Bonus ** - Every 10th Daily Pass earns a FREE Daily Pass.

Open Sunday-Thursday from 1:00pm until 12 midnight.
Friday & Saturday from 1:00pm until 1:00am.
(Hours subject to occasional change )


Controllers for console systems may be checked out for rental under the following conditions:

  • A refundable deposit of $20.00 is required for controllers.

  • Rental fee is a flat one time rate of $2.00.
    -controllers may be continuously exchanged
    for other console types

    • a deposit can be left and used for
      multiple visits
    • or a deposit can be used for just 1 day
  • Memory cards are also available for check-out.

    • a $10.00 refundable deposit is required
  • Players are responsible for maintaining and returning all equipment to the front desk.

  • The Stargate will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment that is under a players supervision.

  • In an occurance of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment; the security deposit will be forfeited.

  • Players must sign checkout sheet when obtaining equipment and upon receiving deposit refund.

  • All equipment is subject to availability *

Stargate Rules & Regulations

  • All game play is based upon a 1st come-1st serve basis and the Majority Rule is applied.

  • Which means: when there is a wait for a console station then the largest vote gets to choose the game to be played.

  • All players MUST check-in at the front desk before being allowed to enter and play.

  • Check-in badges MUST be worn at all times while at the Stargate, and must be returned upon leaving for the day.

  • Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers for use, and players may bring games of their own that are not readily available in house. Game titles must be original licensed games, and not backups.

  • All changing of games is subject to console station availability.

  • Absolutely no fighting or excessive trash-talking will be tolerated. Violators will be forced to leave without a refund.

  • Players must not abuse or mishandle any equipment. Repeat violators will be forced to leave without a refund.

  • Do not make any adjustments to the TV volume
    without permission from front desk.

  • Do not tamper with game consoles or their cases. Ask front desk for any game related request.

  • Do not put feet on tables or chairs, and do not lean back in chairs.

  • Do not put food or drinks on TV/console tables.

  • All players must keep track of their own personal belongings. The Stargate is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.

Well, that’s pretty much it. October 28th will be the 3rd year Anniversary for the Stargate, and each year has been marked by a major change of some kind. This newest change is the most profound and is a direct reflection of the gaming industry itself.

That said, the Stargate will continue to do it’s best to be the ultimate place for serious, competitive gamers.

Sorry for the long wait and I hope you guys will come and give it a try.


This is fantastic news! Big thanks to C-mutt for all the hard work,
how about we kick this grandopening off with weeklies on tuesday? I do believe austin regionals is comming up very soon, everyone get your game on!

what games are staying arcade based?

Cool, glad you decided to offer hourly rates. Are we still keeping weeklies on Tuesday cuz I heard Ranma offering to change it if enuff people wanted to do so.

This set up is pretty cool. I went Sunday when he started it out, not many people were there but it was still fun. All the arcade games at the “smaller room” where on free play, but still on arcade. Which I think is bad ass, hope Cmutt doesn’t change that. I pretty much tried out every game there and got to play some stupid teams on mvc2, and it didn’t cost an assload like I woulda wasted… so yea. Everyone go and check it out, I think this is a big improvement and will work out for the best for everyone. Hopefully we can start having weeklies again. Ltez

it’ll work best for the scrubs who usually waste a lot of money cuz they suck… but for the good players…owned

true :sad:

Hey everyone go to stargate tonight for a new start in weeklies. If nobody wants to run em i will. Everyone show up to make this work.

Ummmmmmmmm… maybe…? :confused:

I like the new Stargate :clap: :tup: Can’t wait for #R to arrive…

Yeah, now Vinny can stop bringing his paycheck to SG just to have a decent night.

hahaha, you must mean how most of my money spent goes to Lolicup…not the actual game itself…i’ll pass thank you… :rock:

Stop with the sugar drinks. You’re gonna get fat like Javi.

THE Chris, hey it’s Adam. Glad to see this is shaping up to be what you were talking about a while ago. $7-10 for a day is awesome since I spend $20 or so when I’m there usually.

Not much to say, I’ll see if I can bring some friends over once I go.

I’m playing the heck out of your svc lol. Are you gonna get the cart ever?