New stick, got a question about it

So I’ll be receiving a SSF4 TE Madcatz stick today, and I’m just wondering about the durability on this thing.
I had the regular arcade stick before I got this one and it broke after three weeks or so.

How much punishment/of a beating can this stick take (for those who own this stick also)?

Its very strong, far stronger than the SE one. But like anything, it can break, ive seen people’s break on them after just a year or even less in some cases depending on how much you use it. But everything is fixable.

They’re nigh indestructible


heh they’re no where near “indestructible” I completely destroyed mine (pictures at bottom of page).

They’re fairly solid though, just don’t get too crazy with it cos it will break - into tiny parts.

When you say “breaks very easily” what were you doing when it broke? I know the door is prone to breaking easily but, I’ve actually headbutted this stick and it’s still in original condition.

I think you did more damage to your head than the stick in that instance X3

Exactly my point




the case is especially weak, it creaks if you put pressure on it, everything not the case though is pretty tough.

If you wanna talk tough, a VSHG is nigh indestructable. HRAP is a close second.

The buttons and joystick will last, for certain. They’re designed with Sanwa parts, parts used in Japanese arcades by dozens of people daily, and for long hours. I doubt through responsible use will hurt it. I’ve yet to se a damaged case, but the SE’s parts definitely leave much to be desired.

yeah it’s just the shell which is a bit, dare I say… cheap, 1$ shop plastic. The rest of the joystick is all solid.

stick and buttons are arcade grade sanwa parts, the case is not bad, the pcb could be fine or crap out, though newer te sticks have better pcbs that dont die(well i know some people that theirs still did on the te-s) its not a hrap, but for the price its still good

Or maybe even Makoto?