New stick idea (aluminum)

this is still in the very early stages i haven’t even made any real attempts at cleaning it up yet. What do ya’ll think?

cool, what you used to make the holes, drill bits, hole saw. Just curious.


What’s the story?

hole saw its not a 30mm but the buttons fit perfect i think it is either 28 or 29mm. i guess the idea for this stick is just having something to rest my hands on while i push buttons.(i’m lazy)

Is it heavy? I like the design, it’s very different than what you normally see, and having a handrest is always a clever idea. But it kind of seems a bit too high above the button placement. Also seems like it would become uncomfortable after a while.

also doing mashing seems like it will be harder, (getting out of dizzies, or supers that require mashing)

won’t that strain your hand eventually ? I like the design , but seems like it won’t be all that comfortable in the long run.


wrong buttons flip on aluminum.

your hand is right for stick.

how is that going to work with the button layout facing for a right handed player but they are blocked behind the stick? i really don’t understand the design of this stick…

can you tell me how thick that aluminium is and it looks like you welded the metal sheets together. Quite impressive since welding is something involving alot of preparation and safety if you’re a noob like me. I heard you “could” solder metal sheets together in place of welding or maybe that was bs? :amazed:

You can braze steel together (basically higher-temperature soldering with a torch), it’s not bs. I’ve built bicycle frames that way, it would be fine for a stick.

the aluminum thickness is .090"

I just dont think this looks confortable at all.

thx for the info

As a functional fighting game controller, it seems awkward. Reaching down to the buttons like that means you have to hit the buttons more with with the front of your fingertips rather than using the pads of them (where your finger prints are). Even with short nails and very sensitive buttons, it feels uncomfortable. You’d have to be significantly higher than the box as well–reaching down to it–which is also an unnatural position for manipulating the joystick itself. This is all without even getting into hand cramps or sore, aching wrists.

I hate to be such a negative killjoy parade-rainer but I’d hate to see you sink so much hard work into it and be unhappy with the end results. If that is actually comfortable to you, or you’re just having fun experimenting with building stuff, then awesome rock on and have fun! As a piece of metalwork, it actually looks quite cool. :smile:

Hitting lk+lp with your index and thumb fingers will be pretty hard.

I think this is where trying too hard to be different goes wrong.

Ya but look at BPs kula stick. I wouldn’t play on that thing because its a work of art. The same as this is.

I also feel that it may be a bit uncomfortable after a while. Nice idea to recess the buttons, but maybe not so much. I just don’t know if it’ll work. You tend to wonder why none of the arcade cabs have a setup like this? :wonder:

Kudos for being innovative though :woot:

try evening it out like a real hrap layout then it might look decent