New stick -- Old fan

Hey guys,

After coming off the EVO high, it brought me back to my original roots of growing up in arcades. Growing up in my area, it wasn’t the biggest scene, so as a kid I found it fairly easy to win arcade matches, simply because I knew basic moves and what QCF means, as well as executing supers when someone isn’t blocking :). I NEVER needed to know combos. But I was comfortable playing any arcade game against any adult as a kid; MK, SF, MVC, MVC2.

Now that I’m grown up and have a steady job I went ahead and splurged for a decent arcade stick. Growing up, I could never invest in one. I purchased the Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick PRO from Amazon after reviewing the noobie threads multiple times. I couldn’t get the TE, and didn’t want to spend extra time modding the SE.

Anyways, to my point, I don’t know how comfortable the new stick is going to be for me. I said I didn’t want to mod, but I’m so surprised by the differences in a “quality” stick, I am wondering if I will still need to. What I’m talking about is this picture right here, which is like a perfect nostalgia moment for me:

I think the default stick on the FightStick PRO is a “balltop”, but I was looking at Sanwa “battop” sticks. And the buttons look different as well. I’ve never had a problem with that arcade picture, I feel like that is comfortable for me, I grew up on that stuff. Is that a bat top stick? Should I stick with a ball top? I’m the least worried about the buttons.

I’m worried about the square gate as well, everyone says you should get used to it, and I am willing to try anything. It’s still a long time ago so I can re-learn anything I need to, but I went ahead and also purchased the octagonal gate. Am I getting this right so far? Is the arcade “cabinet” in the picture a bat top stick, and octagonal gate? Please give me some direction. To be honest I only reviewed the noobie threads and the first few pages but couldn’t find much people questioning the actual stick type in the noobie and tech forums. It seems like the balltops are the norm now.

I’m all over the board here, I don’t need every question answered, I just really need some direction from this long-time community! Please help, Thanks.

Old happ parts aren’t square or octo. They don’t have a gate, just a round feel. But yeah, I think most of your questions are probably answered in the sticky:

If something isn’t clear after reading it, let me know.

I’d recommend trying the new parts before you knock 'em. Even most of the people who have grown up on arcades now use straight standard Japanese parts. Not everyone, of course, but most.

Thank you. I did try reading all the stickies over and over, I’m sorry if it could have been explained in that thread. Interesting to know about the happ parts!

Thanks! Very interesting to know, I am going to stick with it then. The only change in the future might be the handle on the stick and that’s it.

Thank you both!