New Stick User (Hori Fighting stick 3) Need advice


Hello, sorry to bother but I got a question regarding key mapping.

I’m new to sticks and I’ve having the issue because of the fact i use default key setup (L1 PPP,L2 KKK, X LK, Square LP, Triangle MP, Circle MK, R1 HK, R2 HP)

Now although I’m able to do combos and stuff, this just doesnt feel right.

Could you advise me what would the proper button setup be especially given this model has odd placement for R1 and R2 which you basically have to hit with your pinky under a wierd angle.

Help is very much appreciated. Thank you.



Ask in the Q&A thread next time instead of making a new one


If it’s a Viewlix setup you don’t HAVE to hit those with your pinky. When I first got an arcade stick, I used to think that I would use each of my four fingers for each button on the top and bottom row but that’s not natural for me and I think a lot of people. You need to get your hand used to hovering over the buttons and moving to whichever one you want to activate depending on your hands orientation. You may use your middle finger for MP one time and your pointing finger for that same button the next. It all depends on where your hand placement is. It’s like learning to play an instrument.