New stick vs old stick, do the finishing touches really cut your hands that bad?

I am basing this off of that French guys review of the sticks. I currently have neither and was about to order one on amazon and didn’t know if t he extra 30 bucks was going to be worth it, especially if my hands are going to get cut up when playing for awhile. Anyone have any feedback on how bad the cuts can get?

yes, the sticks made of razorblades will cut your hands quite a bit… i would advise avoiding them.

sorry, I meant the TE madcatz sticks. It seems like if you put something over the edge your hands wont get cut up. Like maybe if you cut some electric tape to cover the rough edge.

i dont recall anyone saying that their TE’s injure them, in fact most people have had positive experiences with a TE, unless these people i’m referring have a blast with bloody fingertips.

Neither the SE or the TE will injure you in the least.

i put a plexi on my TE that goes all the way to the edge and it feels a little sharp when my palm/wrist rest on it, but i don’t get cut up either.

I stopped reading here.

Cut your hands… is to exaggerate. Irritate is the proper word. It’s not really a problem, people just like to nitpick.

its totally fine, just take a break every hour or so

I own two, they’re not as sharp as people seem. Your wrists will feel that edge, but you won’t get any cuts from it. Actually, if your wrists are parallel to the surface, you won’t feel it at all.

Go read the damn TE “S” thread. 20+ ppl reported their experiences. And I included pictures of the top piece.

Conversation about “sharp” (lol) plexi is on

Chatter continues and gets better on

My photos of the stick close up:


Ight well thanks for the info

He’s talking about the new “super” Te stick. Yeah, the bottom part of the plexi since it doesn’t have that bump ridge thing rubs on your wrists. If you don’t really rest your hands on the stick alot you’ll probably not notice it.

get some really high grit sand paper and smooth out the edge

damn those finishing touches.

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All the people with TE “S” sticks are not responding to this thread, because they died when it slit their wrists.

buy a HRAP

And turn in your man-card while you’re at it.

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i already exchanged mine for a wedding band… BA-DOOM-TSHH!