New Stick Worklog. FINISHED (and managed to not break it)

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interesting … keep us updated on the progress!

btw, thanks for taking clear pictures

how are you sanding that??? i would smooth it right down with a belt sander, then finish it with an orbital or an electric sander.

what are those 4 nuts and screws for the outer stick area part for?
I’m assuming you’re not gonna any acrylic or poly on it…hmmmz…
maybe a nice solid color then use a contrasting color to create a stencil/spray look on top of it (a high contrast profile of Chun…iono). Then a nice clear coat ^^

Keep us updated ^^

Thanks, will do.

I hand sand everything. Power sanders leave odd lines and crap + its a little over kill. Its easier to keep the shape the way you want it while hand sanding.

The screws are for a JLW mounting Plate. Gonna have to use that on a JLF due to the JLF plate being too long. Dont think i’ll use poly but im definitely gonna clear it and polish the hell out of it. My Buddy knows a guy that owns a sign shop and i was thinking of having him cut me a few vinyl pieces…just need to go with a theme. Leaning towards Ikaruga perhaps.

I was wondering where in the world you disappeared to. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the work log.

Looking good, can’t wait to see the rest. BTW, did I mention you have an awesome sn?

That looks great man, I may do this myself as I don’t like the look of a wood finish stick. I thought that was fiberglass when I first looked at it. Can’t wait to see the progress.

Should have plenty of updates coming within the next few days.

yours is awesome too. im quite fond of zombies though i’ve yet to figure out what cpt stands for so i assumed it was Child Porn Titan :wonder:

Give it a try! Its surprisingly easy to work with, just have to make sure you dont get it over more than like 1/8" thick or else it’ll crack.

Pretty sure that’s the abbreviation for Captain… :stuck_out_tongue: At least, that’s how I read it, haha.

i didnt think it would be that obvious. facepalm.jpeg.

tag, Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


dude go with a midnight black finish on that sumbitch!
like the kind you find on an expensive sports car or something!
anyways keep us posted on that stick, i like the way its looking, it looks fucking awesome!

and is that a street sign that you used??

It is indeed. Found out a while ago that they make amazing control panels.

I predict a increase in street sign replacements in the future


UPDATE in the first post. Thanks for all the interest, guys.

great work, looks really clean so far^^

paint schemes…hmms if your doing ikaruga theme…how bout a solid white?

I was thinking you could get someone to make a sticker of the main ikaruga logo (you know the one with two kanji/chinese characters) and place it over the stick area…iono

That looks slick!

I’m not gonna lie…I’m now tempted more than ever to snag a no parking sign for myself. That’s one of those “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” things. Nice progress so far, Panda. Cant wait to see it finished.

thanks guys. i was thinking of painting it white and then doing a simple “Astro City” or something sticker. maybe pink sticker, ball top and buttons. Dont want to get too carried away.