New Stick.


I am about to make this purchase.

Anybody have anything in particular against this choice in stick? (No elitist “gotta have Sanwa mehmehsnarf” posts, please.)


IMO, you’d be better off getting a SF4 SE stick. Just saying because if you do decide you want to mod the EX2 with sanwa parts, the stick still won’t feel like authentic Sanwa.

No I am not a Sanwa elitist, but am giving my opinion based off future modding abilities. I have a DOA4 EX2 and the Stick still feels painfully tight compared to my TEs

And factoring in an SE is 15 more, you would be better off getting that.


I never have any intentions to mod this stick. Nor do I ever want to play at a tournament level, because I live in a shitty small town.

I want to have fun on Xbox Live with friends, and do well in G1, eventually. Will this be sufficient for that? =D


You don’t seem to care about quality or modding, so it will probably be fine for you. I’d never recommend that stick to anyone who cared about either of those criteria, though.

The biggest problem I have with that particular stick is since the parts are cheap, you run a decent risk having part failure. Since it’s a bitch to mod, it’s harder fix and/or get replacement parts for it.


So the SF4 Madcatz SE would be a better choice, in general? If it would really make that much of a difference, I think I could sway my opinion.


Yeah, get the SE.
So much easier to mod in case the parts break.
(You’re gonna need to know how to solder if the Ex2 breaks, the SE uses quick disconnects)


SE stick is way better than the EX2 IMO. The SE stick has more room and is more comfy. That EX2 is overpriced though. If you keep looking you can get a used one for around mid $30ish.


I would also recommend the Madcatz SE, but if you do get the EX2, I’d recommend getting it from here:

Also, they have the Madcatz stick for $70:


Very nice. Thanks for recommending

Using that site, the SE is directly in my price range, and I should be purchasing it soon. =]


I have and EX2 and my LP button went out after half a year. I originally got it for Virtua Fighter 5 and used the shit out of punch mapped to the Red “B” playing Pai.

I also modded someone elses stick who that the same problem but wih LK, or “A” since they liked to use a lot of ducking shorts in Street Fighter.

The buttons that get pressed a lot tend to die. I eventually replaced the buttons, but I also have the benefit of having tools and knowing how to make arcade sticks. If a button does eventually die, you will need more tools than you would need than the SE to repair it, and will have to replace all the buttons.

The reason that people recommend sanwa, or seimitsu is that those buttons tend to last a good few years, and can be easily replaced if they do go dead.

You cannot go to and just order a replacement button. or remove them without desoldering.


EX2 buttons are horrible and the PCB dies on those things for no reason.

I have modded quite a few of them, they are a fun project (Because they are kind of difficult to work with)

those A-holes solder the buttons right to the PCB, yech.

an SE is a WAY better choice.


Don’t pay that much for an EX2. Hell, I paid $52 for one of those before the SF4 hype and was able to sell it for $75 during the hype. The hype has most certainly died down, so it’s overpriced. Get a SE instead, imo.


Yes, it will.

I had an EX2 for my first stick…the mp went out on it.

I had to slam my fist on the buttons so I could FA for another round. It’s horrible.

SE is the way to go.


Just remember some SE die pretty quickly, but as mentioned before are easy to fix, unless the PCB dies and you can’t solder.


The EX2 & SE BOTH have tendencies to die. Whether it’s the buttons, buttons or the PCB.

However, with the SE, if it dies you can easily swap the parts out.