New Street Fighter Bloggers

We are gonna open up the front page to make it more like and kotaku. We are looking for intelligent writers that have free time to blog about anything street fighter related.

If interested, write a blog entry regarding anything to do with Puzzle Fighter HD. Then send it to my PM box or to


Deadline is August 12th, 2007

Interesting, but wouldn’t it be better to have the test entry be a fighting game instead of a puzzle one?

Yeah…if you’re gonna be putting people on the front, they should probably be writing about the STREET Fighter games…

Not that I’m entering. I know thta I’m way not good enough at fighting games to pull it off.

co sign

I’d like to try out, but I don’t know the first thing about Puzzle Fighter.

^always pick ken.

you’re now a pro. congrats.

Anything Street Fighter related includes Puzzle Fighter

and Puzzle Fighter is incredibly great and underrated damnit!

If you want good writers, you should not use this rule at all.

You should ask for good articles about anything fighting game related. The winner will be someone who is a good writer and can write about a topic of interest to fighting game fans. If the topic has no interest or the writing is poor, you will not use the guy.

Now, when writing about Puzzle Fighter is a requirement, you’re reducing the number of possible writers to the people who actually care about Puzzle Fighter. You’re wasting an opportunity. If David Sirlin had just written Playing to Win today he would not be able to use it, and could only compete if he liked Puzzle Fighter - which I think he does but the example is clear enough. Same for te Domination 101 articles. If Seth wanted to write but oes not like PF, he is out (unless he wants it badly enough to search for game info and develop an opinion about it, but I don’t think you will find good writers as desperate as my example here).

Finally, as some already pointed out, Puzzle fighter is not a fighting game. Madden with a code to play with Akuma would not be a fighting game, and Tic Tac Toe with SF characters is not a fighting game as well. I think this is something good to remember every now and then, or Mario Kart and Puzzle Fighter may eventually take ST out of the website.

Maybe someone can write an article about how Puzzle Fighter should not have an article on the main page. It would be ironic and maybe even a good reading

Puzzle fighter has many things in common with street fighter games, it’s capcom, uses SF characters, is undergoing balance changes (no more ‘just pick ken’, hopefully) and often gets overlooked as opposed to tetris DS and that psp game.

Not to mention it was the project BEFORE ST in the ‘HD upgrade’ pipeline, maybe PF is part of the reason ST got a HD upgrade too?

If someone wants to write they can just post it on the forum, it’s not like you need srk’s permission to write. SRK is just asking for something specific in addition to “whatever you normally do”.

I’m sure Puzzle Fighter’s a great game, I just can’t write anything intelligent about it.

I’ll give it a shot, I’d love to be part of it.

You guys are a bunch of fucking whiners, damn.

I’ll have to do some research on the game though.

Oh I can talk about the x-y mode thing they’ve done to it!


I’m pretty sure the reason Wizard (or whoever) chose Puzzle Fighter was because they wanted to see who could do research on stuff they might be too familiar about; there can’t be any writers where somebody asks them to write something about a certain subject, but the writer just shoves it away “because he doesn’t know much about it”.

Sent. Thanks for the opportunity. Id really like to help out.

Puzzle Fighter has as much to do with Street Fighter as Madden does when you use the create-a-player to make a guy named Zangief into an offensive lineman - exactly nothing. It’s a Tetris variant with Street Fighter graphics.

It sounds like what SRK is asking for is people to write ad copy for upcoming games without getting paid for it.

Since when do bloggers write on assigned topics? That isn’t blogging, that’s called being an unpaid contributor.

Here’s my entry:

Puzzle Fighter HD - the game you already own, only resolutionier.

oh please, ive seen fucking money matches in puzzle fighter and fucking magical drop 3 that were just as fucking hype and crazy as any marvel match, and the people playing WERE MARVEL players to begin with.

stop hating and pulling shit out of this like there’s some evil behind it


If you’re still looking in 3sh weeks I’ll submit…

Its funny. I mentioned Magical Drop 3 in my submission as well. That game is totally nuts.

You know, there can be “vs games” that aren’t really “fighting games”, and there can be “fighting games” that aren’t really “vs games”.

Twinkle Star Sprites comes to mind as a VS Game.

Margalis already addressed my point. If you want people to write for free, assign jobs for them is not the most clever way to go.

But, more than that, for the good of srk itself, its much better to let them write about whatever. Some blogs are good because bloggers usually write with some passion. Take a look at the blogs on the front page. James Chen, Sirlin and the others are nice reads IMO, mainly because they write about what they like.

If you want the best writers (not journalists) you will probably get a better result letting them choose what to write. With more and better content, srk may decide that they don’t want guy X or article Y.

I brought two points. The most important one is the one I just have made, and is not about Puzzle Fighter. Yes, I do believe Puzzle Fighter has as much to do with SRK as poker with SF characters (oh wait, this is already on the blog). Well, then I do believe that srk should focus more on fighting games. Its much more effective to be the leading source of fighting game information in the world (leader on a niche) than to be another gaming website. All IMO, of course. After all, the site is not mine and Wizard and the guys can do whatever they want.

Just to be clear. My opinion and very likely the opinion of the others that posted is that the writers may very well write about Puzzle Fighter, but they shouldn’t be obliged to do so. If your offer is less attractive, you’ll have less customers, employees, partners, or prospect writers in this case.

The idea that Puzzle Fighter has no place in here is another one, more controversial, and although I also believe in that to some extent I concede that its irrelevant for our current debate.

None of the copy you guys are writing is for SRK. It just a test to make sure you can be interesting and tell the correct info.

If/when people are selected to blog, they can blog about whatever they want.

But that’s exactly my point. And no, I don’t want to be a blogger so its not a biased opinion.

If you want the best writers, let them write about whatever, and read it. I understand that writing about the same subject seems like a quasi-scientific approach, but this is not a good approach to select writers. A more common one would be just to dictate an approximate size for the articles, and just read whatever people can come up with. You’ll have more people writing with more passion and maybe more style. If you want to stop articles from being posted, you can do this after you have selected the best writers. Doing this before the selection is a way to exclude some potential best writers. I hope you see my point clearly now. If you disagree, you disagree, but I just wanted to make it clear. Good luck with the blog anyways.