New Street fighter channel

Hi friends basically ill get to the point i have a youtube channel dedicated to only ssf4ae and trying to grow my viewer base. I tryed to contact shoryuken directly but soon as i click on contact me outlook opens whitch i cant get it to work. do you think there is another way to get intouch i would be greatfull if they could feature my channel which is any help would be great to get my name out there btw i have been uploading for 2 years now but want to take the channel to the next level now

IIRC only EH does feature replays of top SF players on a regular basis, but even then it’s still really difficult to get your name out there / to become more popular nowadays.
The majority of ppl have already subscribed to YF24, XblackvegetaX, SSF4evo, JR R etc just to name a few and for most ppl it would make no sense anymore to subscribe to even more channel’s
that upload the same content.

is there anyway you can help me get my name out there thanks

Wouldn’t mind sending some replays your way I remember your name uploading some for ps3 in the past too. And hey those other channel got alot but they do not have em all. it is always good to have matches archived on youtube, since there are a ton happening everyday. sub’d*

Yea man whats youre id

msg’d you add me up on xbox I’ll be back on soon and get started