New Street Fighter Feature (idea)

A lot of people complain about mashers online.

And rightfully so, if you hear someone mashing buttons when they sit right next to you, you know they are trying to do anything as you knock them down.

What if there was a little light at the top of the screen underneath the health bar, that lit up (not aggresivly, just maybe went from dark blue to light blue, no light), anytime a button was pressed?

This way you see the thing blinking like crazy as someone is trying to wake up.

Any thoughts?

I doubt it’s going to make a difference. If the opponent mashes during the last few frames of wake up, you probably aren’t going to see that coming.

  1. An addition like this might possibly affect lag in online conditions.
  2. How would the light differentiate between mashing, double taps, pianos, and plinks?

It’s an interesting idea, but unnecessary, imo. If you want to beat a masher, just play smarter, more patient, and tighten up your attack strings.

  1. Mash buttons while knocked down
  2. Don’t reversal
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!!

Swiss Cheese.

No the way you stop people mashing is by educating them what they should be doing. Not by thinking of ways to penalize them or give yourself an advantage

I think it would only cause confusion, as there are times when I my self am waiting for my character to wake up, I am inputting tons of commands while i’m just waiting for the games animations to finish. Such as when an Ultra is going on, I basically sit there and input demon commands while i’m waiting lol.

Except I always press from my pinkie to pointer, hk, hp, mp, lp. My blinker light would be going crazy, I pretty much press buttons like Poongko XD

In the old fart days, some players would obsess over listening to their opponent’s button inputs.

…if you knew your opponent was listening, the top tier shit was to just hit the start button.

Knowing these things doesn’t really give you a significant advantage. It just opens you up for another hole to get mind fucked.

If you know your opponents options on wake up and know your characters options against that, then there’s no need to listen for buttons.

Being able to predict your opponents move based on hearing their buttons is really an unintended consequence of the way the game is played. In the case of arcade H2H cabs this isn’t an issue, but for console naturally it is. Personally I’d prefer tournaments try to have setups more like SC where the players are isolated from eachother instead of your suggestion which is the complete opposite approach. I always thought it was wack to play your game based on listening to inputs and I’d rather not developers embrace this and actually give players information about their opponents inputs.

If you can’t beat a masher… Sorry to hear that.

That’s depressing :<

Here are some ideas against mashing:

  1. Force to commit to a real motion to get a reversal, something that couldn’t be mashed and needs to be timed.
  2. Increase block stun so a blocked attack will give the attacker a decent advantage.
  3. Make sure quick normals don’t give too good of a reward.
  4. Make throws faster and not techable with mindless option selects.

Notice how all of these are things that SF2 has but not SF4. I don’t see the point in addressing bad rules by adding more rules on top of them instead of just fixing the bad rules.