New street fighter game idea!

Hey guys,

 I came up with this idea for a new SF game. I'd like to call it SF: Legends/Rivals or something along that line because it's entire focus would be on the legends that we've heard about in SF's past who have contributed to the detail of particular characters within the SF universe and the old rivalry beside Ken and Ryu's; primarily the hado family and others we've heard about. As of now, all I have in mind is the roster and some description to their characters. I also know that I'd like this game to be for those who know the third-strike system with it's complexity and who have contributed their time in learning how to play correctly. Forget trying to bring in the many who don't know a thing about SF games. So for the roster:

He would have to be even more beast in regards to his look and performance when compared to Gouki and Gouken and should display his style, the “No satsui Hado” as the lethal art that it was; very strict and tough. he appearance should be similar to Gouken’s in SF4 but more intimidating. He moves should be of the same we are used to, but more the killing-type. Deadly blows to the knee, neck-strikes, strikes to the back…etc. He attitude should present that he has infact killed with the art, but has give warning to both Gouki and Gouken about the circumstances of using it for that reason. So in a way, he in between both gouki and Gouken; he’s killed, but doesn’t anymore.

Gouken should be toned down in muscle mass but still present the same vib; soft yet yielding. His attitude should be that of Ryu’s; seeking victory, but at the same time realizing the extent of the art he uses and using it to a certain degree.
Costume: a Gi…dnt knw what else just yet.

Call him Gouki this time and not Akuma; It makes sense since the others names are Goutetsu and Gouken. In this game, I’d like to show Gouki as the fighter he was before he succumbed to the Dark Hado; still strong, more human looking, less evil. I always thought Gouki’s character model looked puny when compared to Gouken’s. If Gouken was big in muscle I always thought Akuma should sort of look the same since they were brothers but with his GI and beads on. He style should portray power, just as Gouken. Around Gouken himself there should be tension showing that he’s struggling when he’s reminded of the art’s extend from his brother and his own goal when it comes to becoming as great as his master…or better. Costume: a belt…no ropes just yet. no beads either. a Gi with his wooden sandals.

Go Hibiki
We always heard about him, but never knew good he was, or can be in the SF game. He was rival with Sagat and gouged his eye out; as a result Sagat ended up killing him. I think it would be an awesome idea to include him to show the beast he was before meeting his end. We know the story of his chest scar, but what about his eye…his character should be opposite of Dan’s and pretty serious but in a way goofy(like rufus if you must) and especially if he stood against Sagat in his prime. Costume: not sure. a Gi maybe?

Chun-Li’s Father
Her father can serve as a substitute for Chun herself; very agile and very strong. I always thought it would be a kool to find out how Chun’s father fought and to find out that he was trained under Gen and before he became a cop, he lived a life of a criminal like Gen and had sort of a past deal with Bison even though he now works as a police agent which eventually leads to his death. Costume: detective suit? Hidden custom: like Gen’s!

Ken needs to be very, very young along with Ryu. He needs to be sort of braggy about the wealth of his family and sort of cocky in his moves. His attitude becomes more humble over time of training and discipline. Since this game’s focus is on the ones who came before, they before his moves need to be toned downa lot, but still flashy. He should be shorter than the rest in his early/late teens. Whenever Ryu’s on screen about to fight he needs to jump in do something really goofy. Again, both him and Ryu with have less focus; the same moves not perfected, with less damage. Custome: Reg Gi with short sleeves. Alt. Costume: A suit and tie! (i cant believe they didnt give ken a suit as an alternate outfit)

again, very, very young; late/early teens if you must. very serious in his training and humble from the start; a bit outgoing/goofy. moves the same as usual, but not perfected. Costume: Gi with short sleeves, not ripped just yet. Alt. Costume: shirt, shorts, sandals?

I always thought it would be interesting to learn that Dan actually trained with Ken and Ryu before continuing his training later on after his father was killed later getting him expelled. You could have it where he trained and learn the basics, but decided to leave Gouken’s school to take what he’s learned (very little) and fight other school bullies since he was picked on which is why he was sent to Gouken’s school in the first place. He fighting style should be opposite from what he was taught; I think SF4 perfected his character. Costume: Pink Gi because he washed it accidentally with a red shirt!

I think it would be interesting to see Gen a bit younger before the greys…a mix between Yun and Yang; He would substitute for them. I think SF4 perfected his character also. Costume: same.

The mountain of muscle should definitely have a style crossed between his own and of Adon’s. No scar or Eye patch just yet. His moves need to be more agile like Adon’s because he hasn’t lost his eye which lowered his confidence and has made him angry and impatient over the years. Costume: same but with headband that Adon’s wearing and a warmup top.

I think showing Bison before he became the Lord of SL would be pretty kool. Might sound cheesy since the movie had but ( i didnt watch it) but him in power suit, power tie showing wealth and power.

As for the system, since i"m a very big third-strike fan, I’d like to see a more complex parry system implemented. Like 3S, the game should be kept very traditional and very serious.

That’s it for now.

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Guys, take it easy on him. He worked real hard on this. :rolleyes:

it’s just an idea i thought would work. eh, whatever…lock my thread right! forget it.

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Great ideas are best kept to yourself, so… yeah.

I believe that a good story or shining light on stories never fully told in SF could make a good game. I think of SF4 as a celebration of SF to get everyone back together to play good ol SF; less complexity. If they did the opposite for the next one, it would be a good way to celebrate veterans who who have contributed much of their time to learning complex systems.

I’m going to assume this is a troll attempt. But well done!

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Great idea for an anime…You should flesh it out some more…

You guys should be more respectful to his idea.

Hi, I work for Capcom! I’m a lead designer and I’ve looked over your post. It seems interesting and I’ll get back to you to tell you if we’ll consider it or not.

Street Fighter Minus One. (Not meant negative.)
I think that would be before Street Fighter Zero.

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Uhhh… Street Fighter Alpha 4 ?

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You would definitely be hired by Capcom with this kind of material. I’d give them a call!

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