New Street Fighter novel to be released online


This is a promo for a new Street Fighter based novel to be released this February online only that was written by a friend of mine, [LEFT]Talyn Rahman-Figueroa. It has gotten the approval by Capcom to be released in the online form. I’ll let you all watch the promo as I don’t want to ruin it, but aside from being focused on Ryu and a new character, there are appearances by other SF characters within the story which I won’t spoil here. For now, please enjoy the promo and be sure to check it out when it is released. Spread the word!![/LEFT]

Who’s the women with the tattoo? And will Sakura be in the novel? She’s my favorite! :smiley:

The woman with the tattoo is the new character Tawnya Blaze and a handful of other SF characters make appearances and play important roles in the story, but I don’t wanna ruin any of that.

Ah okay, that’s cool. I really like the art in the trailer as well as the music.