New Street fighter player. Veteran tips will be very helpful--


Hi I just recently picked up street fighter (knew about it and watched matches for a very long time but first time I actually played) and I basically enjoy it to the core and to be more precise I have been playing for less than 20hrs full. Im a veteran TK player and played that for at least 10 or more years and fallen in love with street fighter when I actually played it. Since Im a beginner I’ve been wanting to gather tips and gameplay basics that is essential to the game so Im gonna start it off…

I have been struggling actually to play better specially people that are playing TOO defensively and people who basically know the mechanics of the game. These are people that throws in fireballs ducks all the time in a corner waits for me to jump in and uppercuts me. My problem is I dont know how to close the distance with people that fights that way and i dont know how to use my pokes to my advantage. Any general gameplay tips would be very helpful and add a lot to my knowledge about the game so, thank you in advance.


aint a veteran myself but I’d recommend with picking up Ryu/Ken if you are starting with SF for the first time

focus on fundamentals , footsies and whiff punishing and get your execution down


Thank you for your feedback. I saw a video giving beginners tips where they’re saying Ryu/Ken is definitely the first one to pick up if you’re new… I am having an absoulute blast with Juri since she’s really fun to play. I’ll definitely put your recommendation into consideration. I’ll try and pick up ken tomorrow and learn him


Btw sorry to sound ignorant but what is “footsies”?


This is one of the best explanations of footsies I’ve found.


Watch the Juicebox-video, it’s very useful.


this thread is also a good explanation of how the ground game works. In particular, the description of what I tend to call the three P-s (Pokes, Pre-emptive moves, and Punishes) and the thought behind when to apply each of them is useful.

There’s still more to the ground game than what’s being described here, but these provide a good starting point. Also, I recommend revisiting this material in a month or two, when you’ve gotten more experience, as you might find more useful stuff that you didn’t think of before.

edit: lol i botched the URL of that link


Thanks to the both of you. Im checking the vids out and the game breakdown. I appreciate this so much and im grateful.


overly simplified explanation:

step 1. take note of which buttons your opponent likes (assuming they use any and dont just jump back > fireball > repeat) and how far they reach.
step 2. walk forward while blocking/neutral jumping any fireballs (FADC forward dash through a fireball if you feel fancy)
step 3. stand as close to the edge of their range (or as close as you can guess) as possible to bait them into pushing a button.
step 4. smack their out-stretched limb (or the character itself if you’re not fast enough, it’ll be a couple frames before they can push another button!) with a button of your choice (juri’s is great for this in most cases). cancel to a special/combo if possible. ( xx qcb+hk for juri works well here at a basic level)

repeat until victorious.


Thanks! XD Im playing non stop been winning a lot now then before. Obviously this tips and hints have helped me, and I am gonna try and get better with the tips you gave. Thank you so much!


this can help you :stuck_out_tongue:

although on a serious note if your opponent likes to zone you then you gotta be patient as much as possible
keep your cool, focus attack absorb them, neutral jump to avoid these , absorb it with focus and dash forward , use your char’s anti zoning move(ryu and ken’s tatsu in your case for example) just be patient and jump forward when you make a read that they gonna throw out a fireball


Thats a pretty awesome flowchart. XD

Well srsly ive been doing good in matches but most of the time struggling on teching throws or losing my cool on teching it. Can I tech a throw while blocking (crouch blocking to be precise) if i predicted right?


You have to use crouch tech.

Basically, using the same rythm as their hit rythm, while crouched, hit the throw buttons (if they don’t hit you get a low light kick if done correctly). It will tech the throw if they throw and block if they attack.

The risk with that is frame traps, they could on purpose delay a hit (or something else) to make your kick go out and then punish it with a counter hit.


Okay. Im trying it now actually when some people rushes me and I know they’ll grab. Im timing my inputs to their attacks just in case they’ll grab. Thank you! :smiley: