New Street Fighter Wallpaper/Backgrounds


Just a few wallpapers I photoshopped…

If you like them, let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks to Zerogunner for inspiring me.


More Pics

This is Razorkicker’s brother, here are a few I made:

These are compilations from many google search images. Kinda SF, DBZ style:wgrin:


Images can be found at:


new one. Background was made by digitalblasphemy.


Whatever happened to Zero? I don’t see him around anymore…


By the by, keep up the keep up! :tup:


where did you get the image of Sagat on the bottom right hand side ??


That guile vs. ken was serious


I know! I want to make a thread asking Zero to come back, so abrupt…:shake:

That Sagat is an Udon Comic cover from the second volume, first issue I believe, the November issue. Much love to your avatar btw:wgrin:

Thanks! I tried to put the fire behind Ken in the form of a phoenix, just for fun.


thanks man, are those images available online would really like to get hold of that one. I’ve seen the bottom central image of sagat looking down at ryu, but ive only got a tiny image, which isnt much use when you want to make wallpaper with just that image.


I was so inspired by the SF4 teaser trailer, that I tried to make Akuma in a similar knockoff style:


Its a great piece. :tup:



Very sweet, hell, that should be the cover of 4.


Lovin the Akuma


akuma wallpaper is SERIOUS ! you have a higher resolution copy ??


Nice picture.:pray:


oh dear lord…i want that to be my stickart


originally posted in this SF4 wallpaper thread:

widescreen version of Akuma:

big version, but not widescreen: