New stuff about Charlie / Guile

I don’t know if people know this, but if so, I’m sorry in advance.

Did you know that in the corner, you can guard break with their anti air assit for a free grab? With Charlie on point it leads to the corner reset, and with guile it leads to a free super.

all throws are tech-hitable, or so ive seen…even advantage throws are tech-hitable. IE ground avhb then mag throws cable, cable can tech that throw.

What I like to do is:

[In Corner]

GB (I like j.u+lk), /, s.lp, s.lp, Somersault Strike or Launch into air combo.

If they eat it though, they sort of limit your options to no air dash rush-down or walk up throw.

EDIT: I decided to mess around a little because I’m bored.


GB: Guard break
SS: Somersault Strike
SH: Sonic Hurricane
CA: Crossfire Assault
(X): Crossup

[In Corner]

GB (j.u+hp), /, s.lp, s.lp. s.f+hk, SH (I’ve only gotten this to combo a handful of times, but you can sometimes TK CA and it will combo with the previous setup.)

Snapout, Slight pause, Drones/Rocks/Tron/Typhoon/Thanos Capture/Generic Assist # 41, Normal Jump, Late short air flash kick (If it hits, the assist is there to help cover you, if it whiffs it crosses up), Whatever

[Random Crap]

If on the rare occasion you can happen to get Guile in close there are only a few things you can do.

  1. Low hits into super or launch (Or a flash kick, but whatever)
  2. Call pressure assist, jump over, whatever. (For example:, + Doom AA, Flash Kick XX CA (X) Whatever)
  3. Tic Throw (Walk up throw = Great, lol)

Now, if you happen to perform option 3 I feel sorry for you.
But anyways, it seems the only worthwhile things I can end up doing outside of the corner are:

HP Throw (Hold forward), As soon as the they land press Back + Punch (The sonic boom is to help them stay still so you can try and get in close again) Since you can’t call assists while doing a special it’s either Sonic Boom, or random assist, which we all know can be pretty bad. But, if you do call an assist you can’t throw your Sonic Boom to protect them (Unless I’m just too tired to time it right). If you predict they are going to roll, you could also assist, dash back, OR jump over, whatever (Or Roundhouse Flash Kick XX CA).

HK Throw (I try to avoid this one because it gives Sent a free unfly and doesn’t leave you with any options afterwards, unlike FP if they roll

In the corner the throws are about the same, HP is better than HK (RK is guess).

FP Throw, , Options 1-4 (You should probably do instead, if you plan to do Option 2)

  1. Snapout, etc.
  2. c.hp, /, Whatever OR c.hp, short flash kick (X) Whatever.
  3. Super
  4. Doom, dash back, whatever

I can probably write some more on some stuff that Guile could do, but it’s pretty pointless unless you are super good at rushing down Sent/Cap and the likes. This stuff mostly works in low tiers, but you could give it a shot for a bit of fun every once in a while. If I have some time tomorrow I might mess around but I think I covered a decent chunk already, anyone else play Guile that wants to contribute?

Random extra combo and a few variants (Flashy):

[In Corner]

c.hp, /, sj.lp,, sj.fp,, slight pause, sj.lp, /, j.lp,, / Jump, Throw. [I usually just walk up throw, or,, Super (Reset) to mix it up every once in a while]

You can also time the air combo different and just land: c.hp, /, sj.lp,, sj.fp,, /, s.lp, s.lp, into Throw or whatever, that combo is pretty fun and flexible.

I wonder if Guild has a FSD combo like this…

EDIT: One more before I get some sleep.

c.hp, /, sj.lp,, sj.fp,, slight pause, sj.lp, /, j.f+lp, (X) Into whatever.

Who else would you use with guile? Doom and capcom or storm and capcom?

If I’m playing a non-top tier team, I usually play something like Guile A/ Doom B/ Thanos A. Thats just a fun team, though. If you want a bit more of a chance you’ll need an AAA (Like your pairings).

I find it’s rather hard to use Guile/CapCom AA for any sort of combo situation (I guess you can use Cap as a ghetto GB…), you’ll mostly just be using CapCom as a counter call with Guile on point, but you don’t really have anything to protect him. However, if you’re getting rushed down, there’s nothing like a good random assist like Cap to give you some breathing room, but like I said, if you’re getting rushed down, you really have nothing to protect him aside from a psychic flash kick or like a j.fp or j.rh might work, c.hp might work also (These won’t work against a hailstorm though, so it’s pretty much pointless unless you can manage to throw out a CA and not hit something in the way, like a Sent doing drones while Storm is in her start up). Man, Guile is pretty bad at protecting assists against top tiers. Mini-Edit: I’m not too sure how effective this would be, but I guess superjumping then a flash kick could protect your assist against an AHVB, but Magnus could probably still 3-Fierce, and you aren’t really safe from a hail storm or Sent’s shenanigans. A couple of roundhouses in the air would help against Magnus coming after you instead of the assist if you feel he’s going to do that, plus it’s a nice little bit of meter.

Aside from Cap as an AAA, I find that Cyke works pretty well (albeit a little harder to use), for both Doom and Guile. However, if you want someone different (But top tier) to replace Doom, any assist could work I guess. I’m not really that great so I can’t say, but these are a few teams that might be worth a shot:

[With Guile Somewhere In The Team Already]

Doom/Tron - Doom/Tron is pretty dirty, as assist like Guile helps Doom against Sent a lot.
Doom/Sent - I don’t know why but I like messing around with Doom/Sent, I suck so it could just be me. Proj. and Ground can both work in a stretch.
Doom/Cable - This team could work in a stretch if you like to run away with Guile and build meter. That anti Sent assist helps here again.
Doom/Cyke - I just need to break Guile/Cyke, I already know how good Doom/Cyke can be, I just need to learn Cyke…
Doom/Cammy - This team is a little like Doom/Cap except it comes at an angle, and Cammy has that invincible super. A little more fun to play in my opinion.
Doom/Storm - Storm/Rocks is so dirty, I just don’t know how easy it will be against a Cable. Guile’s AA can help here also.

I can just keep going with random assists, but most of those teams aren’t that great.

Storm/Cap or Cyke - Both work great for Storm. Cap is more for space control, counter assisting, and for a free hail storm ( :rofl: ), whereas Cyke helps with combos, resets, zoning (again), free hail storm (A little hard to capitalize), but it’s invincible. So it’s really up to you, who you feel more comfortable with when Guile is on point.
Storm/Tron - Storm/Tron can be pretty intense, but in this can you’ll need to be careful when Guile is dead (It’s probably better to have him 2nd anyway, that way you can DHC out, save Storm, and if you hit the SH you can DHC into Lunch Rush for stupid damage).
Storm/Sent - SSGuile is the business. It’s sort of like Santhrax with and angled AAA.

I could just keep going like this. Let’s just put it this way, if you want to have a decent team, it usually goes as follows: Guile/Top Tier/Top or God Tier

Aside from the serious teams, there’s stuff like:

Guile/Doom, Storm, or Cable/SonSon
IM/Juggs or Sent/Guile

I’m not really to sure how effective it is for most people, but Guile/Doom is just pretty fun to me. I should try typhoon (Vertical too) next time I get a chance, then I’ll get back to you.

Thanks a lot man. I think I will pick up Guile Storm and Cyke.

Also, what about guile storm and cammy?

i’ve been fucked up by guile/im/capcom.
seriously,,c.hp(capcomhits)flash kick does like 40-50% damage.

also wheattoast:what the shit, guile/charlie expertise over here!

I don’t even really play Guile, just when I used to be a scrub (Still am :rofl:) with even scrubbier friends back in High School. I just play most of this out in my head + mess around in Practice when I can’t sleep. Also, I don’t really have any Charlie expertise, he’s a little too weird for me. All I know are a few silly resets and cross-ups, also that you can mash his Sonic Break to combo a tag out and other stupid stuff. I might pick him up if I can’t fix my sleep schedule. Getting good practice out of town?

P.S.: I like that team (It’s just I’m a idiot when it comes to CapCom), random DHC to Proton Cannon is top tier. I actually used to play Guile/ IM/ Sent-G :lovin:

Back on topic:

That team could work, but I just don’t feel comfortable without a pressure assist backing Guile, and if you mess up once or twice you lose the DHC to Storm (Don’t want her health getting messed up beyond repair). But, this team can sort of deal with run away and, if you’re really careful and have some decent timing it can deal with rush down. Cammy works as an anti Storm on point (Killer Bee beats Hail and maybe HSF, I don’t remember), plus Guile AA is anti Sent. Once you get Storm in I don’t know what to say. Just play Storm… She doesn’t really have any major DHCs with this team, so just work on the opponent’s assists, I guess.

(I have really weird choices in team chemistry…)

Theory Marvel is fun.

this one guy over here uses Charlie a lot.

I used to play guile all the time myself.

that guy plays hella low tier.

felicia, charlie, sonson ftw.
he plays others too

eh, i’m going to give up on guile and charlie and move onto xxx/sent/ IM
looking at bison for the time being since i can play as him

Guile / Storm / Sent - is not that bad at all. If you can build meter safely with guile, you can do the flash kick super > DHC to hail > DHC to HSF and they will ALWAYS land in HSF with the proper timing. You could start with storm on point even, get to 5 bars and use SH > HSF DHC. Its a pretty solid team, guile is a good AAA.

guile\storm\sent is an awkward order. You have no true AA to help out guile other than normals. Theres nothing wrong with s\s\guile though other than amount of block stun guile does to a crouching character which doesn’t leave any time for proper rush down. Thats primarily the only thing stopping that team really.

Guile AA will take out flight sentinel if your grounded as you call him. Theres no where he can fly where he won’t be hit. Kind of pain in the ass for your opponents robot because he keeps his flight limited.

random guile ish

I was messing with some sonic boom pressure stuff and found a random issue that applies to Guile and maybe one or two other charge characters. I wasn’t able to follow up HP throw with a sonic boom charging normally, but when I reversed the charge direction, it worked. Shuma Gorath has to do this to follow up his HP throw with Eyes as well. At first I thought it was a glitch related to HP throws, but I kinda figured it has more to do with the fact that with these throws both characters pick up the enemy, bring them behind them, then throw forward-- so Marvel basically flips the active charge side.