New Stuff at JAEPO 2016

Seimitsu hit first , new joystick LS-62 and some new color :





It seem to be a LS-60 with LS-32 shaft and build with octogate(not 100% sure cause of traduction) and SS plate.

Here is a google translate version

Seimitsu continues the tradition of making a very minor tweak into a “new” model.

I really hate that. It definitely leads to confusion. There are so many models, it’s almost like we need a demo station with each stick lined up just to try them out. Sanwa keeps it simple, JLF, Silent JLF. Want more resistance? Buy an aftermarket spring.

Agree Seimitsu need to remove some old stuff , like LS-55/LS-33/LS-40…

But this LS-62-01 is a big step , build in octogate and short shaft is really what’s LS-60 need.

I’m curious about switch will be use by Seimitsu and how will be the actuator???

On picture it’s seeem to be Panasonic discountinued microswitches , but if they call 62 , we can think it will be some Omron microswitches…

Whats wrong with the LS-40? Its their best Joystick!

I certainly wouldn’t remove the LS-40, it’s a pretty unique offering in their lineup.

Seimitsu are the “King of Fighters” of stick levers, make a new one once a year

Bite your tongue, sir!

Mea culpa, I’m not serious, one thing that I love Seimitsu, it is because of choice.
I do not worry about a lot of product.
In fact I’d like that a stick manufacturer or perhaps even Seimitsu itself do some arcade stick with option to choose stick and buttons.
I don’t know how many Jlf I gave to friends in recent years …

To return to LS-62 , i hope there will be a lot of information at JAEPO2016 which are found on the internet.
And I hope to have two or three fast at home…maybe arcadeshock/focus attack and/or akishop , they sell it soon.

Yay, another new lever? Oh wait, it’s a repackaged old lever? Even worse, a combination of two of the worst levers in their lineup? Yuuuuuck…

No love for the LS-40, as usual.

Instead of making new levers how bout Seimitsu fix the LS-32’s flaws

But that’s the LS-40…

I was gonna say… They already did. It’s the LS-32+8.

Ls-40 in there too? why? I mean cmon it’s their best joystick ever why would they remove that?

i like the ls-55. put in 3+lbs spring, swap it with cherry microswitches and a bat top and you got a mini-happ/iL stick goin on baby.

as for this new stick, seems like an experimental joystick, i can see the benefits it does (flushed mount, higher pivot center, makes for short throw but has the dynamic of ls-32’s pivot position), and i know a lot of people like the bare-metal shaft of the ls-32 as well.

that new fuji color tho.

Keikou (Fluorescent) Balltops. Gotta catch em all.
After thinking more on the Fuji colored buttons I began to get irritated. I really wanted Seimitsu to make “lemon” buttons to go with the balltops. Now we get washed out purple/blue? Grr.

@Ariesno, you should consider changing the title of the thread to something like “Jaepo 2016 Discussion” or something. Give us an outlet for this topic.

Bring back those pearl buttons.

What’s with this misconception that Sanwa only has one joystick? Have you looked at the amount of joystick models they produce, motherfuckers got several specialized analog joysticks or sticks used for plane games.

Sanwa regularly discontinues their least popular models. The JLW-TM and it’s UM variant got axed because no one except for the 10 hipsters in Tech Talk bought them on a consistent basis. Likewise, the JL-B and the JL-1 were discontinued eons ago, due to its decline of use. (probably assume they were discontinued shortly after the JLF’s release in the 90’s.)

But I always thought it would be weird if Sanwa made a TP model of the JLW series. Do we really need PCB microswitches for poop? :transformer:

@“Rick Ross”, you can use the PCB from an LS-32-01 on the JLW if you want to go that route. The JLW died because people really weren’t aware of it except for those “10 hipsters in Tech Talk” despite our best efforts to spread the word before the axe dropped.