New stuff, or am I imagining things


The game now asks you if you want simple or normal setup after you pick characters online, and even though my connection is fine, warns me “You may not be able to battle with your network configuration”. This never came up before…


for some reason i cant freaken set-up different button configurations… whenever i change player 1 …all 4 players change right away…


the different controller setups are profiles, so the profile itself changes


so how the hell do i set-up different controls? whenever i play casuals i run into this problem… either me or the other guy has to use the other persons controls… also where can i find a ps2 converter that will allow me to use it in a PC? i wanna play ggpo/2df…


u can use set A…and your friend can use set B


buy an inpin converter from “Laugh” from korea on this forum. i use it for my ps2 stick.

I’ve tried both Pelican and Inpin converters and I can highly recommend both , but i think the inpin converter is the one i liked the most.

rather off topic tho.