New stuff(WARNING:Partial nudity)


DA GAME is back to the good ol’ drawing board after a 9 month hiatus from the pencil & paper.Here is a little something that was finished last week.The pic is entitled ‘Possession’ & it 's for a story I’m writing.DA GAME may have to touch up on it because of the rustiness,so let DA GAME know what you guys think.


um…sorry. it’s a decent attempt, but some anatomy sketches…lots and lots of them.


yeah, those are some misproportioned bodies, man. look at some pictures as reference if you need to for the anatomy.


Partial? them kids are butt ass neked’


Also, it’s the same exact pose as that Valiant+Image crossover cover.


I have it in my attic somewhere.:lol:

at least be creative and original on your poses. :stuck_out_tongue:
this is coming from a drawing/painting major, too.:rolleyes:


I’m assuming the character’s boob wasn’t the size of it’s arm on the comic book cover.:rolleyes:


if he’s going to copy Jim Lee’s pose, at least do it right…proportions are WAAAAYYY off! Even by comic book standards!:rolleyes:

are you taking any basic figure drawing classes? they might help…


“my tits are way more un-round and lumpy than yours”!!!


lol dang y’all are harsh…

i think its a nice attempt as well, i can tell how the way you hold your pencil and position affect the outcome of your drawing. i bet it looks perfectly porportional when its positioned on the table like u are about to draw on it again, doesnt it?

other than that, i like it… i just dont like the nekkidness… @.@


Hey thanks for the comments kunioichi.To tell the truth DA GAME was about to (needs to)draw it again in a different pose & tried to make it look good as possible.DA GAME is glad that at least someone likes it


just try to be original, mmm’k?
learn the basics of human anatomy and musculature, and THEN attempt to draw people.
It’s really not that simple.
If you were a legit artist, you’d come up with your own poses.

I’m giving you an HONEST critique, as if a real constructive artist would. Can’t expect compliments ALL the time, right?:rolleyes:

and how old are you, anyways?
that way, I can at least gauge your skill level. Age has a LOT to do with it, because it means how MUCH experience you have as an artist.

And I wasn’t dissing your work, just pointing the fact out.:slight_smile:


DA GAME understands that you were giving your HONEST opinion,but it seems to DA GAME that none of you(Not saying you KINGDOM)payed any attention when the word "rustiness"was stated when DA GAME started this topic.9 months DA GAME has been away from the pencil & pad & when good artwork is posted (whether original or not),the dissing starts.BTW 24 is the age so start judging DG’s skill level



this thread is hilarious.


daaaaaamnnn, yall must be some hella good artists to be baggin on this mans work like yall are doin…:rolleyes:



:eek: No way!!NO FREAKIN’WAY!!!Grappler Baki?Where the hell have you been?


dang relax everyone,. dagame is jus sharing stuff he drew and asked for some advice. no need to put it down. i mean i cant personally draw so i think its pretty good. but no artwork is perfect so back off on the put downs. keep on drawing Dagame, ull get there!!