New(?) Stupid Arcade Name Glitch

Uh… I don’t know if this is well known but I never heard of it here so…

Normally CapUSA always translates Gouki as Akuma. But if in the US arcade, you get to your ninth opponent as Q, during the chose your opponent screen, it says Gouki and not Akuma. Once you get to the vs screen it switches back to Akuma.
I don’t know if this works on Dreamcast.

That’s wicked. I’m going to abuse the turds out of it.

I just confirmed that it does not work on the dreamcast. :stuck_out_tongue:

All these naming mistakes and typos were fixed on the home version. Gouki instead of Akuma, 2p Magnetic Storm instead of Tenshin Senkyutai, and, sadly, no more Tweleve.

Except, of course, for the version of 3s for DC where Akuma’s name is missing all together. Heehee.

Has anybody seen that weird glitch where you choose from a list of another characters supers. During a tournament, my friend picked Alex, and he was given Ibuki’s supers to choose from. :lol: Everybody was like, “wtf?.” And then they reset the machine. Has anybody else seen this before?

Jive Out!