New Super Smash Bros. and it's Roster problem


Gametrailers states that Sakurai, the director of Smash Bros., may not give his newest game a roster as big as the previous titles have. I, for one, believe that it will be a grave mistake to limit the roster. Characters are probably the biggest issue of consumer complaints. I think even if the newest installment SUCKS- if the character roster is great like 45-50 CHARACTERS. It’ll do fine regardless.

Sakurai is trying to go for a game that is technically sound and is deciding if sacrificing character roster is worth it. I think they should include as many characters as they can, make it visually compelling with good sound, and just balance it out as best as they can before releasing it. Any bugs or balance issues afterwards can and WILL be exploited by our gorgeous fighting game community. Nintendo and Namco can just continue problem solving in updates. It worked for Street Fighter since its conception, I think. Definitely worked for Street Fighter 4, except the part where they got us to pay for 3 games.

I think it’s vital that development gets this particular game right; make it as good as it can possibly be. Smash Bros. is one of Nintendo’s largest shots of bringing hardcore gamers to Wii U… well… at least bringing the fighting game community to it. What do you guys think?


Fire Sakurai. I used to like him, but the fact that this is coming from the man who let random tripping and Meta Knight release is laughable. We need more characters!


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Because it was 3 games -_- You don’t work for free, why should the employees at Capcom work for free?


A shitty game with a lot of characters, is still a shitty game. A big roster does not equate to being a good game, either competitively or for entertainment, and should not be the main focus. The main focus should be placed firmly on the game engine and its mechanics, along with a well thought-out character roster, that caters to a variety of playstyles and visual themes.


New Super Smash Brothers WiiU details:
Items - none
Roster - Fox
Stages - Final Destination


There’s a Smash forum. Please use it for these excellent and interesting discussions.

He’s right. :tup:


Sakurai probably doesnt even want this game to be made. He didn’t want Brawl to be made. He’s done with Smash. But they keep forcing him to make more. At least this time he was able to talk his superiors into letting another dev team make the game.


bring back melee characters and tweak brawl, use a new theme for the menus and stuff


The lost melee characters were just shitty clones. Nintendo likes to promote their new games using the Smash series, as seen with characters like Pit, whose timely appearance foreshadowed the return of the Kid Icarus series. They have no reason to have Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, or any of the other clones back.

My only concern is half the cast being pokemon and whether or not 3rd party characters (Sonic and Snake) are still coming back. Sonic and Snake joining the fray as gaming icons pushed the Brawl roster over the top, despite its uncompetitive mechanics.


Mewtwo should come back simply because you can make him a better Lucario any day of the week if you try hard enough, IMO.

Third parties are still coming back for Smash 4, and no, the roster won’t have 650+ Pokemon on it. We still have Custom Robo, Sin and Punishment, Mach Rider, etc to go, even more F-Zero characters could be added for all we know, though it wouldn’t hurt to have Sonic and Snake again.


Sounds like they’re making this.


The Fox-face on Pikachu and Bowser look pretty damn funny.

And only true men play on Final Destination with No Items.