New Super Turbo combo vid!

Yeah, the game is old, and yeah, the vid is short…but I think it’s kinda neat…:confused:

Let me know what you think…


That Ryu crossup combo on Gief was sweet, nice vid >=)

Although the video was missing my favorite character (Dee Jay), I found the video very informational and entertaining. Short yet sweet and to the point. It makes me want to go play Super Turbo right now…

Good work.

Tight vid, Nick. :cool:

shit, that vid makes me want to go back and bust out simon’s quest. draculas theme music in that game is too good.

NKI, you need to send me that track next time i see you on irc. That remix is fucking badass bro.

oh, the vid was naice too. but soundtrack was best lol

Nice vid yet again NKI:cool:

Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Shocky - if you want to see a few Dee Jay combos, check out my Volumes IV and V. You should be able to get the vids in #gamecombos on efnet…

SaBrE - you can get the song here.


sweet, thanx homie. that remix is way too good. coolest castlevania music ever. too bad they never reused it in any other game like they did with the other cv2 music :frowning:

Good stuff Nick, lots of N. Ken stuff which of course makes the vid great. The one thing I still don’t completely understand even after looking at the transcript is the explaination of low short x 2, jumping jab. Are you saying you can quickly cancel a low short with a jump? BTW, I still own you, but you’re my combo hero.


Wes - yeah, you can Kabotti cancel a rapid-fire move (cr. or st. Jab or Short, depending on the character) into a jump for some reason (hence the TZW Guile combos ending in st.Jab XX j.RH). You have to be pretty quick about it, but the command for cr.Short x2 XX j.Jab is just:

Hold Down, Short, Short, Short~Up+Jab

The timing at first is REALLY strange. It’s not hard at all, but it takes getting used to.

BTW - you going to MWC this year? We’ll see who is whose master…:bluu:


I may go, definitely-maybe how about that for an answer? I live 3 blocks away from a great ST player and I haven’t played him in over 6 months. In fact, I think the last time I played a good opponent was Christmas time. Let’s just say the skills are about as sharp as average foam ball about now. I’ll try and make it to the MWC regardless of excuses.


One thing I found when trying shorts into jump… .

When you do your shorts, hold up, and your next short will actually be your jump button. D.short, d.short, hold up as the short hits, and the next time you hit short your will jump, hit your attack as soon as you jump. that’s how I do it anyway.

hey nice video as always, i was wondering if you had the transcripts still for the other ones (ST, Xmen etc) I checked on but the links for the transcripts don’t work anymore, if not it’s cool

Links for rsigley:

Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV
Volume V
Volume VI

If you need anything else, let me know…


whoa nice thanks so much :smiley:

game may be old, but it dont matter!!!

KI should be in apex cause then I might win something.