New Super Turbo Website Launch: Grand Master Challenge.COM

Here comes…

After many months of gathering information we have finally got the site live.

GMC is a site dedicated to all things ST. We have setup the main layout of the site and extra features will be added regular. ST news from around the world, Players Profiles and Interviews, Tournament History WorldWide, Players Guides, Videos and also we have something special to be soon announced.

Also extra features will be a complete video library of all ST events (think TheShend but ST…haha) also a video matchup feature for players looking at matchup information. Some special guest interviews from community members who have helped ST remain alive. Also we will be starting some small Online tournaments (HD:Remix, Supercade and GGPO).

However we need the support from you guys to help catalogue and archieve any ST information we are missing, so while viewing the site if theres any news missing, an error in a Historical Report, some personal tournament photos/video you have taken that we could use then please contact us. As always these website are built by a community for a community.

Hope you enjoy and please join our facebook page!

GMC interviews SpinalBlood. Read now!!

GMC interviews John Choi. Read now!!

^^ who are you?

nice interviews :slight_smile:

according to my profile “well-known member” haha…
thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Not THAT well-known apparently. Otherwise, why hide your identity?

Unless people don’t like you,

He’s not hiding anything, he’s been a member here since 2004.

I see you have in your sig… I guess you don’t like the fact that there is a competing ST site?

A quick, cursory glance reveals:

The Cammy command list is f*cked up (hooligan roll move is wrong, both versions).

Why does it say “Original Dhalsim” below her move list?

“LP cannon drill has worse priority in front…” LP drill??


LOL, glaring errors on the Dhalsim page, too. (Wrong moves for Remix, Ryu portrait under “Old Dhalsim.”)

I recommend and

haha… why would I be trying to hide my identity??? Most of you wouldnt know me as Im UK based, most UK and European players know me.

Thanks for spotting the errors, I will correct these ASAP. I didnt want to go live with the site just yet I wanted to wait until EVO had finished, but as a few interviews I have make referance to upcoming EVO thought they should be uploaded. I will proof check and make changes ASAP I’m only one person.

In terms of other sites, Im not trying to compete with them at all and credit to them for what they do and how they do it. I recommend people to also visit there site and join there forums (reason I havent loaded a forum, is due to DBT and theres no point having loads forums and I will hopefully get a chance to speak with DBT about sending traffic over to there forums), its not about competition of sites its about spreading the ST love.

dont worry, electronicdojo. it’s just the internet.

i don’t understand why people would consider them competing.

there are no ads on either site. this is not

btw, a few people noticed this

and we’re all very excited. i hope this will be on top of your to-do-list ^^

Theres always going to be negative comments… but tbh they help me realise where things need to be changed or corrected.
yeah as said I’m only one person and until the site grows and I get a bit more support everything will take a while to complete. As there is so many ideas/content I want to add.

This site isn’t intended to take any credit away from the hard work other people are doing in there own site, the main purpose is to create a historical archieve of events, players, videos, merchandise of ST material. As a lot of sites in the past have loads of useful information, but have now vanished. Hopefully this will help save the history!

We have some more interviews coming shortly from top players, once these have been uploaded I will be looking more into the character select (guides) pages, as some will notice I have created a video matchup section in each guide. This will be completed soon and hopefully the other strategy books/videos available online.

In the tournament history pages we have listed a lot of what we can find and getting email about other events which have taken place. If anyone has info, dates, event, photos, videos we can use to archieve it here. Any help appreciated and thanks :slight_smile:

As you can see a lot of work to go into the site and record, but will keep me busy and along with that i’ll try and play the game… haha

I think hegemony in this context is funny.

Keep the site updates coming! so far so good dude.

No. It just strikes me as odd that he would claim that he is a well-known member, yet not use his supposed infamy to promote his web site. If someone speaks as vaguely as he did about his status in the community, it sounds like BS. So I called him out on it.

What’s not to like about another ST website opening up? It’s not like there’s an over-abundance of them. I could care less if they compete, as long as ST gets back into the main event at EVO.

I’m sorry to have to tell you, but this will never happen.

You never know, i think ST is the ONLY old school game that still gets so exposed.

It’s certainly not likely to happen … that doesn’t make it an impossible event however. If EVO were to host a players choice poll like they did a year (or two?) ago and CigarBob’s cabinet were to make an appearance. , it is possible.

isn’ t " well known member" one of the preset user titles? i.e. he didn’ t write that himself but its just there due to his join date.