New switch snes wireless pad


man just found these on amazon said to be released in december

man they look sow ell made they also make some with analog controls and 4 back buttons compatible with steam ect these are gonna be amazing im glad i didnt buy the buffalo pad yet i may do it anyway to compare them since they claim they are the best atm


That is not compatible with the Switch. You need to buy the Bluetooth ones.


And the ones compatible with the Switch are already out.


Regardless I want an awesome Ames and nes pad for emulators has anyone used 8bit ? I’m stuck between buffalo and this they say this has better quality but I wana find out wat fighting game players think they really know controls vs normal platformers


They already exist, they come in both the US Purple and Lavender and the Multi Color Super Famicom color schemes

Just follow the provided instructions ether that comes with the pad or from the website
Worst case scenario you have to Firmware update the game pads first for Switch use

They also come in NES/Famicom editions and as well as versions that already have analog sticks and a extra set of shoulder (trigger) buttons

For PC use, you have the option of using them as wired pads, just plug in the provided USB cord.


i know they are out but they are releasing new pads in december that are suppose to be alot better ook at the site the 2 new ones they are diff colors and come with analogs ect i dont want them for switch i want them for pc play for tekken 7 and older nes snes games

i am so sick of buying snes usb pads that dont work at all worth a shit from the start


these are the pads you are looking for. they work with windows, mac, iOS, Android, and switch and with the matching dongle the nes and snes.

The stuff you keep going on about is only for the SNES classic emulation box Nintendo just released


8bitdo makes the one sim talking about i love the snes design for fighters and older games do you think in terms of quality it is better than the buffalo snes pad we have today?

i just want it for pc for emulators and playing tekken 7

ohh nvm i got you wtf the new one isnt compatable for windows? why the hell not? the new one with analog sticks is though i wonder though if its gonna be much better than the pad they already have out for snes