New Tactic Discovered – Long Dick into Command Grab


Just thought I would share this piece of new tactic that is all the rave right now in Japan. New tactic involving Oro’s “Long Dick” move. Crouching Medium Punch into command grab. This is a bit like the regular version of Oro’s Crouching Medium KICK into command grab, but in this one, it looks like he sticks out a long dick that cancels into a command grab.

This allows Oro to combo into his command grab from a slightly longer range, making him A LOT more dangerous. At a higher level, you can also use this in a mixup situation where you EITHER do Kara-throw OR Long dick command grab. This tactic has recently been popular in the Japanese scene. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s because this is really high level play.

UMvC3 OTT; EVO is over, The Day of Σ has come!

Roshihikari overload


i do this shit in real life


Think I should then. zweifuss spriter site let us down.

You know, Roshikari, that Oro cr MP is that finger pointer like his stand MP. Thrustoh~


You gon’ learn today.


‘stabby fingers’