-NEW- Tales series thread - Tales of Arise announced

A discussion/info thread for the Tales of… game series.

(WIP placeholder stuffs)

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I have a good feeling about this. I love the Tales series despite some stumbles from them time to time but nothing as bad as FF15.

If you ask certain Tales fans that would be Zesteria

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The best thing about Zesteria was Beseria. I’m not joking.


Alisha should have been the heroine.

I remember that I kept waiting for her to rejoin the party and she never did. I swear her DLC chapter was “we fucked up” content.


Still can’t get over the fact that Bandai Namco finally gave them some money to work with.

This is a generational leap for Tales in terms of visuals.

Budget was never an issue. The last two games were PS3 games that were ported to the PS4. Arise is actually native to the PS4 hardware.


That doesn’t explain why the PS3 games looked dated back when they came out. I mean you can’t honestly look at Beseria next to FFXIII or Ni No Kuni and tell me that budget wasn’t an issue for the Tales team.

With the exception of the original Tales of Phantasia, the Tales franchise has never had cutting edge graphics. The FFXIII budget probably makes a half dozen Tales titles.


Yeah, that was my original point. Glad to see the circle closing.

Feel like they just took thancreds design from ffxiv and went more anime lol


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That still may not even be the case, they are using the Unreal engine, which unlike previous games they may have built from the ground up or were based on order games, would have helped the visuals at a lower cost.