New Tattoo, fighter related

Just finished up my brand new, and first tattoo. Lemme know what yall think.

Wax your back.

Why would you do this?

Seems too big for my tastes, but what ever makes you happy.

:u: this

what’s the game reference, I hope it’s an obscure game lol

I think It’s Terry Bogard’s symbol on his Jacket? Unno looks like it from Garou.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Rock Howard.

Yes, OP clean your back. But at least you weren’t crazy enough to do Akuma’s symbol.

You guys make me laugh.

Anyways, that black looks solid right now. Probably hurt like a mofo, getting it that defined & filled in but at least it wasn’t blue!
I am not sure I get the reference though but your homie did pretty good line work, even if he traced the stencil on your back.
That black is hella black though. That’s about all I got. :rofl:

EDIT: Hatred Edge & Joshkaz cleared it up for meh.

OP, step it up.

Damn, thats one sexy ass Tattoo.

lol. That MvC2 Character select screen is boss as fuck.

If that shit IS real… it definitely hurt. I hope he’s getting laid for it at least. :rofl:

Oh, I bet he’s not getting anything. That’s one nerdy ass Tattoo.

OP - I like the interpretation of the wings, I’m tired of people doing the same wings over and over :tup:
Any follow up plans?

  • :bluu:

Ignoring the fact that its a horrible idea. Its very poorly done, terrible line work.

I agree with this, the jerky lines on the wings look terrible and the ink looks very uneven, do you have a better picture? Could be some of this (except the lines) is because the photo is fresh after the tattooing. Sorry to be blunt, but I really hope you didn’t pay much for this.

lol a few things
1.) lol yeah i look hairy as fuck in this picture, but for whatever reason it doesnt grow around my shoulder blades just my neck
2.) The tattoo was actually free, it was done my one of my closest friends who I may not be seeing for quite some time soon so it’s like an early parting present.
3.) My artist realizes the wing have quite a few issues and we’re already planning on doing some follow ups for shading and corrections. This time was only sit down number 1

It’s something I’ve wanted for quite some time now and the tattoo means something more to me than the video game reference
And damn that Yakuza tattoo is awesome.

You should have it smaller and made a tramp stamp