New TE model spotted in the wild!

that’s a lot of orange

yes it is.

Alex Valle using the Comic-Con Exclusive Mad Catz Arcade FightStick? Tournament Edition.

White and Blue Wii Fightsticks too…

thats just too dope… makes me wish i was apart of EVO even more now too …

Fuck the fight stick! Look at the delicious fucking food!!! :wow::wow::love::love:

comic con exclusive boooooo

Pardon me, and I really don’t intend to sound nasty BUT —

You don’t know how Comic-Con works, do you?

They have TONS of exclusives of every kind of product you can think of at SDCC!

What happens is that after the Con, dealers and collectors put a bunch of that stuff up on e-Bay and other auction sites where suckers pay through the nose to own “an exclusive.” By exclusive it means anywhere from around a round of 100 copies of items produced to sometimes over 1500 for SDCC!

Wait a year and you’ll see a bunch of these “exclusives” up for sale at much reduced prices. Doesn’t matter so much for last year’s merchandise since there’s plenty of the current year’s goodies to sell on e-Bay.

What a scam!

Great time to be a dealer selling, though.

Generally the only things I’ve seen that don’t go down in price after a year are artist sketchbooks. Statues and the rest do depreciate quite a bit…

This is how it works and if you’re aware of this basic reality you’ll save yourself a ton of money in the long run.

i like it the orange and white man, thats hot!

i’m going to sell of one of me TE and get one of those if its has sanwa parts

Isn’t that just the Hori Wii arcade stick?

Good thing I didn’t get that second TE stick. Lets just hope I can get my hands on one.

I’m loving the all white with orange. Vinyl dye that JLF shaft white, and get a custom dust washer from Arthong would make it even better. The black looks out of place. After all, it’s art isn’t it?

So much for getting my hands on one of these. Fuck.

kinda wandering off te subject but by looking through the photos i never realized there were soo many filipinos in the scene including mr wizard.
am i wrong?

This is that exclusive stick Seth was talking about with the cool dust washer.

The Dust Disc with Arrows.

I was excited until I saw your picture. It is pretty ugly.

Wow they have food or catering there? I don’t remember them ever having that. Or was that just for the judges?

I’m sorry. :sad:

So from the perspective of karaface, it looked better?