New TE stick, buttons so sensitive I dont even have to press them? whats wrong?


I just got the sc5 TE stick and the buttons on this stick are literally SO sensitive that i just have to brush my finger over the top of them and they will go off. Now when i hit the buttons in a game the vibration causes the other buttons on the stick to go off while im playing, completely messing me up. Is there any way to fix this? Anyone have this happen before?

edit:maybe nothings wrong, maybe this is just how new sawna are


Sanwa buttons are crazy sensitive and it’s just something to get used to. I have not experienced buttons going off because of vibration though.


Yea, when i press the Y button for example sometimes the LT and RT triggers and other buttons go off if i press it too hard. I think its the buttons, could it possibly be the pcb?


It could possibly be the PCB, not sure. I’ve never heard of that happening. Just give the Y button a simple, non-forceful tap with your finger several times, and see if it triggers.

There was a point in time when I had sanwas that were so sensitive, if I slapped the side of my stick X-Factor got triggered. Lmao. So it could be that they’re sensitive, and just need to be “broken in” so to speak.


Someone can fart across the street and set off Sanwa buttons.

Try Seimitsu buttons. They might be much more to your liking.


You can turn on inputs in training mode and mash on 1 button with your index finger nothing else should be registering but that button. If other buttons do register then something may be wrong.

If while playing you’re having trouble with accidental button presses due to the sensitivity then that’s just something you need to work on.


My Q4 is sensitive as all get out even after 9 months of consistant use. All you gotta do is get used to it and not hit the buttons so hard (good advice anyways for all stick users to prolong stick life). I once blew a match in MK because I raged and slapped the side of my stick and my X-Ray went off…