New team



hit me up on XBL tonight past 10pm (central) to “try out”… lol

that sounds so gay

anyway, im a pretty decent ryu player looking to form a “team” to play other “teams”… depending on how close our battles end up, i’ll “invite you” to be on my team or not

hopefully you’ll main someone different, but other ryu’s are welcome too…


Aight I’ll hit you up tonight.

I main Rose btw


I’ll try to get in this, I’ve been pretty busy this week with off-line tournies, school, and dad being in town. I’ll add you when I get on.


good games last night… about 8 of us playing and we were around the same skill level… highonfiber, gigaton, hindu, thisgti, and everyone else who came on…

very good games


NinjaCW is on the team… we need 2 more? (i think its teams of 4?)

his rose is a bloody beast on the footsies


Hi PoweredON…if u still need some…Ill hit u up…or u send me an inv :slight_smile:


Need at least 2 people to start a team but 4 is preferred.

So far it’s me and PoweredON anyone else want in? :smiley:


hmmm… i dont mind… but only with ninjacw opinion who pwned my guile with his rose XD. but the one match i did win …OH YEAH… lol

im maining guile cuz in his little intro before a fight i have the very same sunglasses but gold frame.

im going to main someone else who can stand against most stronger characters (wish it was sakura she is mad fun to play) possibly abel

i cant wait till we get a real lobby system and spectating so this could fully go into effect.
any ways i’ll hit you up poweron


object and mugen… sorry about last night, i was getting my ass handed to me by ninja and i had to finish it up…

i’ll be on this weekend for “try outs” or if you played ninja and he approves, you can join us…

we can keep this thread open for our team and/or member try outs


I’m down to attempt these try outs…

I have Ninja on Friends already, so I’ll hit him up later.


If anyone wants to be “tried out” just message me on XBL and I’ll let you know my availability because lately I have gotten a lot of requests to play against me lol.


Hey there, I messaged Ninja who was busy so he told me to play PoweredOn. I main Blanka. Hope to play you guys soon.

Xbox Gamertag: Chalupa3266


ninja or powered on. add me on live and test me out. i been lookin for a team to be on. Gamertag: CeramicSugar


i wonna play vs this new “team”

get at me tonite


we havent found our other two “members” yet so hit one of us up in the PM…

im usually found on around 10pm central


I probably won’t be online on XBL much of 2morrow and a good portion of Thursday. If you’re looking to get in just send me FR on XBL and I’ll play with you on Thursday (going to the movies just don’t know when) or Friday


and im 95% sure i’ll be getting a RROD within the next few days


Ninja ill probably hit either you or PoweredOn around thursday or Friday , busy with college this week.

Out of curiosity how many BP do both of you have? Just want to get an estimate of your guys skill level so I don’t waste your time in case I suck =P


I haven’t done rank matches in a while but I was up to 4200 but could probably get a lot more if I wanted seeing as I don’t run into good players on it often. I’ll be online Thurs and Fri nite for anyone wanting to be tried out for our “team” :smiley:

Send me a message and if I’m already with someone I’ll send you a message letting you know. I also do not have mic because I use a custom stick which doesn’t support mics.


get at me, im on pad though, I’ll be logging on in a few. i main cammy.