New tech: Infinite jump for all characters

SWF discovered a new tech that allows you to infinitely use your second jump over ground, much like Bowser’s infinite sideB jump.

The thread linked goes into more detail, but basically here’s the deal:

If you use an attack that ends it’s animation slightly before you hit the ground, you can buffer a jump out of it. If you time it precisely (the timing differs from character to character because of jump heights and moves) you should jump just as you land. The game seemingly registers you both as on the ground and aerial at the same time, so you jump from the ground using your second jump instead of getting landing lag.

Now, this is obviously more useful to some characters and not so much for others. Characters with heavy landing lag (Bowser, DK, Ganon, etc.) seem to benefit more, as they can cancel out landing lag. For faster characters it doesn’t matter so much as their lag is already nonexistent. Overall, not anything close to a gamebreaking tech, but it may prove to be somewhat useful.

wasn’t it discovered really early that if you hit up just as you land that it cancels landing lag?

No subt-L that doesn’t work

Maybe you’re thinking about in the E4All demo how if you did an air attack after fast falling it would have no lag?

Looks good but I don’t see too many uses for it since you have to be under a platform for it to work, just need to see it in a real match to see how useful it is

What characters is this not useless for?

[media=youtube]8yB_QiRfMoY"[/media] Some uses with Snake. Some uses with Yoshi. Check towards the end of the vid for the more useful stuff.

With most characters, the landing lag isn’t so bad that SHing or FJing an attack, landing then repeating isn’t a problem. But, some characters like Bowser/DK/Ganon have more landing lag than others, making this tech somewhat useful for them.

Also, since it allows you to use your second jump from the ground for an aerial approach, it allows another angle of attack. Take the video of Snake above. His second jump is higher than his SH or FJ, so he can use ISJ with his aerials to decrease landing lag and remain in the air.

Falco is another example. His SH is very low, and his FJ is very high. ISJ allows him to gain an approach somewhere in the middle.

Dedede can chase and combo aerially with Uair, then fastfall and ISJR the last Uair and get all of his jumps refreshed, allowing him to hit with an immediate Bair near the ground.

Evidently this can be used with some B attacks too. For Ness SideB, cutting out the landing lag is quite useful, as he lags a lot aftern landing from SideB.

As it is still fairly new, the full uses of it haven’t been found yet. Odds are, it’s something that’s sort of trivial, as landing lag isn’t an issue for most characters. But, being able to use your second jump repeatedly from the ground allows you to chage the height/angle of your approach, something that could be useful, especially with characters like Snake, whose second jump is arguably better than his SH or FJ. I linked it here because I thought some heads here might be able to figure out a use or two for it.

One use for this tech is to bait an air dodge with the first air attack, and then use the second jump to catch the opponent with an attack right after they come out of their air dodge. However, with Ganondorf, he does not gain extra height from the second jump. He is still able to slightly change the angle of his approach. Though, I have only used the tech so far against level 9 computers so far. I’ll let you guys know how it tests against human players with Ganondorf. By the way, thank for posting this info Brahma.

This is actually a good find.

“9. If you whine about someone ISJRing in a match against you because they beat you, I’ll blow your house up. With you in it.”

Why so serious?

I made a short clip of Snake doing this on platforms.


Nice! Snake is seeming to be one of the characters that benefits most from this.

That’s all Snake needs is more options.

We might as well make his his side B a tank like Fox/Falco/Wolf Fina Smash.

hmmm, more power to me.

I think i may have been accidentally doing this with sonic…when persuing someone with forward air and then immediately jumping again and doing it. I’ll have to test it out.