New Tech?



Found out how to link 3 bionic hypers a couple days ago without x-factor or assists, anyone know how to execute the non tac infinite or have any new tech?


Wanna know how to get 6 assist less?


Can I view via the link above?


Nah, I haven’t made a vid of it. I guess I could but there are similar ones floating around.


Is there a video anywhere showing how to link multiple Lancers? Been looking but I can’t find it. :confused:


Someone hasn’t been looking on Youtube. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Here’s one with 5 in Ultimate. There’s one with 7 arms in Vanilla but meter gaining was jacked up in that version. Unless you mean assistless then I’m not sure besides being character specific and having a certain spacing when doing it.


Nam, stop stalking me! D:

I meant assistless, yeah. All the videos I’ve been able to find only list with assists or XF or something lame. :confused: