New Technique - The Roshihikari Reset

Adds a few notches to Remy’s game, mainly for mix ups and to frighten people.
For high level play.
Works close to corner only.

  1. Neutral throw near the corner
  2. Jumping jab or jab them when they are in the air
  3. Do another neutral throw immediately after they get reset
  4. Repeat

I have an improvement on this technique called the Lucerne special. After you neutral throw in the corner you can actually hit them with an “unblockable” hard flash kick for the same amount of damage with no risky gambles that open you up to counterattack.

Although you’re both trolling, I’d like to add to this new technique thread with actualy useful info:). After a neutral throw in the corner, you can do jab LOV to reset, then do a dash or delayed dash and hit confirm close mk to super. The delay determines whether you ground cross them up or not. I’ve invented it…at least I’ve never seen that mix up before. The jab LOV reset> dash is a really good mix up. You can land left, right, left low, right low. It’s all really up to you. Pretty nasty. And if you are good at hit confirming then it really doesn’t matter what side you land on.

I think it’s a good idea to have an evolved remy thread with new theory. He’s come a long way from just fancy charge partitioning.

U can’t low hit confirm unless it’s a low lov tho so u only have high right or high left. I like resets into uoh to super or another throw to rrf personally.